When Writing Content For SEO Use The AIDA Principles

The AIDA model is one of several models known as the hierarchy of effects models or hierarchical models, all of which suggest that while making a purchase choice, consumers go through a sequence of phases or stages.

These are linear, sequential models based on the premise that consumers progress through a sequence of cognitive (thinking) and affective (feeling) phases before engaging in a behavioral (doing, such as a purchase or trial).

Advertising grows more complex as the world of advertising becomes more competitive. However, the fundamental principles of advertising text remain the same: it must capture attention and encourage someone to take action. And this concept is true since human nature does not alter. Yes, we are becoming more discerning, but in order to persuade people to do something, you must first capture their attention, then interest them in how your product or service can help them, and finally persuade them to take the action you want them to take, such as purchasing your product or visiting your website.

Action – The customer decides on a purchase, shops around, conducts a trial, or makes a buy.

Interest – The customer becomes intrigued after learning about the brand’s benefits and how it fits into their lifestyle.

Desire – The customer develops a positive attitude toward the brand.

Awareness – The consumer becomes aware of a category, product, or brand (usually through advertising)

People still regard emails as vital sources of information, but they don’t want to be bombarded with unnecessary messages all the time – and that’s where AIDA can help with your email marketing strategies.

Modern email marketing is rapidly embracing the “quality over quantity” strategy to match this rising mindset. More marketers are opting to send fewer emails that are more personalized for each recipient based on where they are in the buyer’s journey. The AIDA model, in particular, is assisting marketers in creating better email content along the route.

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