32 Social Media Hacks

Social Media Growth Hacks

In this resource, I list out all of the Social Media Hacks that I have used for my overall digital marketing efforts. I’m not the world’s biggest Social Media user or active marketer, I’m more of an SEO man – but in any event – here’s my recommended list of Social Media Hacks that I hope you can use today!

Social Media Hacks 1: Get LinkedIn Users To Link To You

OK, this is probably the most sneaky Search Engine Marketing of all my suggestions.

LinkedIn is all about vanity and persuasion.

The (primarily) B2B platform is a goldmine if you get it right with regard to lead generation.

For obvious reasons, LinkedIn favors active accounts that have a large following. But, how can you amass tens of thousands of followers? Easy. Lie.

Sure, you can buy followers or patiently get a decent following, but this hack takes under five seconds.

Here’s how you do it.

When you pass the magic number of 500 followers LinkedIn simply appends a “500+ Connections” snippet of text next to your name.

A casual observer to your profile has no way of knowing how many connections and followers you really have, so the Search Engine Marketing here is to change your all-important profile tag to something like this:

“Digital Marketing Expert | 97K Followers”

(Always use odd numbers, for some reason they do better).

I guarantee that no one will validate your claim (it is possible to check by digging through the settings) but they won’t since they’ll be too impressed and will want to connect with you.

Why will they want to connect with you more? Because connecting with someone with a perceived huge network increases their reach as well.

With this little brazen cheeky hack, you’ll see your new connections stream in. LinkedIn will take notice and they will further perpetuate your growth by promoting you.

Social Media Hacks 2: Push Messaging Is A Must. Do It Today. Social Media

Email marketing is still, even after all these years, one of the highest converting channels we have at our disposal.

However, here’s a free and additional channel you can use: “Browser Messaging”.

This 100% free app is called ‘One Signal’ and you’ve very likely seen it thousands of times, i.e. it’s the Chrome PopUp that you see when you visit a site.

Think of One Signal as an additional and free channel to use when promoting your site.

Combined with email (EDM blasts), newsletters, etc., you can really increase your reach.

If you’re on WordPress then it is simple to set up, just follow the instructions.

The thing that I like most about OneSignal is the ability to schedule push messages. You can time them to coincide with your email outreach or similar.

Remember, the real power of this hack is that the subscriber to your OneSignal does not have to be on your website, they just need to have their browser active and be in front of it to see your message.

As always, the more time-sensitive your message is the better response you’ll likely have.

Social Media Hacks 3: A “Must-Do” LinkedIn Profile Hack

A bad LinkedIn profile photo is terrible and does you no justice.

Obviously, by a “bad profile” photo I’m referring to a cartoon character or a blurry photo, etc – and let’s not waste time on the definition of a “bad photo” – instead, let’s focus on how to create a great first impression.

Find the best photo that you have of yourself, hopefully, one in which you look confident and smiling, and here’s the hack – make the background white.


Because a white background is infinitely more professional than anything else with a colored or distracting background.

How do you do that?

Easy – hit this free service called “Remove BG”, which does exactly that, i.e. it will remove the background of any photo you’re in, and it works great.

It’s a neat hack, it’s free and it will take you about 15 seconds to do with the end result being that you’ll have a much more pro profile.

Social Media Hacks 4: Use Facebook Lookalike Audiences

The vast majority of marketers know all about “Lookalike Audiences”.

A “Lookalike Audience” is an “algorithmically-assembled group of social network members who resemble, in some way, another group of members”.

All advertising platforms use it, Facebook, Instagram, etc.

The benefit with “Lookalike Audiences” is that you’ll be able to find similar personas and then advertise to that exact demographic.

So, how do we get the emails which act as the “indicators” from which Social Media “Lookalike Audiences” can be created if we don’t have any?

Well, here are three ways:

  • From your own emails in your inbox; after all, are you not communicating with them?
  • Your newsletter subscribers;
  • Scrape your LinkedIn network for target customers and discover their emails.

Remember that we are particularly interested in private emails (such as Gmail) since corporate or business emails have far less socially profiled data.

Social Media Hacks 5: Sneaky YouTube Subscriber Link

At the time of publication, this was a very sneaky way of getting more YouTube subscribers.

All you have to do is append the line of code below to your YouTube channel URL.


Here’s an example:

  • youtube.com/c/173GrowthHacks?sub_confirmation=1
  • youtube.com/user/173GrowthHacks?sub_confirmation=1
  • youtube.com/channel/173GrowthHacks?sub_confirmation=1

Any of these will work.

It’s as simple as that!

So, if you have a YouTube Channel then make sure you edit your URLs where possible to include this amendment.

Social Media Hacks 6: Product Hunt Upvote Extractor

If you’re targeting early adopters for your product then you’ll likely love this growth hack.

This Search Engine Marketing also uses Phantombuster.

Product Hunt surfaces the best new products, every day. It’s a place for product-loving enthusiasts to share and geek out about the latest mobile apps, websites, hardware projects, and tech creations (their words).

Users of this service that enthusiastically upvote products they like are typically beta-testers, tech-savvy, and can be considered as being “early adopters” of products.

Such people could be considered as being ideal candidates for targeting your product, especially if you’re in an MVP mode.

This Search Engine Marketing allows you to extract the Product Hunt profiles of every single upvoter from a list of products. That’s it. It’s nice and simple and importantly it’s highly effective because what we can do next is contact, or try to make contact, with these people!

Once you’ve extracted the list of upvotes for similar products within your space then you can get more data about them.

This workflow will then allow you to pursue further marketing actions like re-targeting them on Twitter or simply thanking them after your launch, that is, if you scrape your own list.

The major benefit of this Search Engine Marketing is that you’ll be able to gauge exactly how popular certain features are of products within your niche.

Think of this Search Engine Marketing like this: it will help you prepare your Product Hunt like no other tool.

You could also use this data to discover their social media handles and connect with them.

Social Media Hacks 7: Extract All LinkedIn Post Commenters

Of course, the more targeted you are on LinkedIn, the more you’ll identify your ideal audience and be able to interact with your audience.

This hack focuses on LinkedIn users that are using a particular hashtag.

Use Phantombuster to extract everyone having commented on posts containing your preferred hashtag in their content, and reach out to them.

For example, if you’re in the Growth Hacking Marketing Automation niche then search for exactly that: #growthhackingautomation

This hack also works with LinkedIn posts as well as LinkedIn Pulse articles.

Once you have the individuals scraped then you can fire up another phantom to be able to reach out to them to set up your automated reach out, or you could use OctopusCRM to connect, message, or automatically view their profiles.

Social Media Hacks 8: Filter Popular YouTube Videos In Your Niche And Copy

Stuck on ideas for content?

Do you want to get more traffic but you need content ideas on what Google or search engines might index you for?

Go to YouTube. Find influencers. Filter their videos by “most viewed” and you’ll have yourself a plethora of content ideas.

Tweak and improve the titles you discover from filtering popular YouTube channels, find sources of similar content to improve on, then head over to iWriter and get your content published.

Lovely and effective.

Get this into a process and you’ll be churning out content marketing that converts.

Social Media Hacks 9: Extract All Slack Users From A Group

This Search Engine Marketing used to be reliant on JavaScript being executed within your browser, specifically your Chrome command feature, but now this hack has become incredibly simple with Phantombuster, my favorite growth hacking tool.

Slack channels (or groups) are mostly used by tech-orientated professionals. Being a member of a particular Slack channel tells you that they are clearly passionate about the niche of the group, therefore making them ideal potential leads.

Take for example Growth Hacking, there’s a fantastic Slack Channel called “Online Geniuses” which is rammed full of knowledgeable internet marketers.

For this hack to work all you need to do is find Slack channels of interest within your niche, become a member, and fire up Phantombuster and deploy the “Slack Channel User Extractor”.

The phantom extracts the names, emails, and all other publicly available information of one of your Slack workspaces.

It’s important to mention that the admin(s) of the Slack Channel can set the privacy settings to “high” meaning that you’d be unable to execute this growth hack. However, most do not.

In any event, finding a channel applicable to your niche would take five minutes, and setting up the hack would take another five minutes, so yes, this is certainly one to investigate and take advantage of.

Almost every niche will have a bunch of popular Slack channels.

Social Media Hacks 10: OctopusCRM: Natural Bot Detection-Free LinkedIn Growth Hacking

The OctopusCRM is an excellent LinkedIn Automation tool and it will revolutionize the way that you work with LinkedIn.

There are hundreds of LinkedIn Automation tools but this one stands out for a couple of major reasons.

There are two reasons why I highly recommend OctopusCRM. Firstly, unlike other LinkedIn automation tools I’ve used, it has an inbuilt CRM (Customer Relationship Management) feature that makes your outreach a lot easier to manage.

The second reason I like OctopusCRM is that they keep you within LinkedIn limitations.

Out of all the social media channels, LinkedIn is by far the strictest when it comes to data scraping, and long story short, they’ll limit or ban your account if they detect that you are using automation tools.

OctopusCRM gets around this by limiting (with your consent) your outreach to 100 daily connection requests.

The team behind the tool has identified that LinkedIn will get suspicious if more than 100 requests are made per day.

There are four options: connection requests, bulk messaging, endorsements, and views.

The bulk messaging feature is self-explanatory whilst endorsements are a clever way to “warm” your leads. This option is clever because it shows potential connections that you’ve viewed their account, something that often results in them connecting with you.

Unlike my favorite tool, Phantombuster, OctopusCRM works without proxies and does not scrape; instead, this chrome extension acts on your behalf to send out messages, connection requests, and a bunch more.

The thing I like most about this tool is that it has a limit on the number of connections you can do a day. This is a smart move because it will protect your LinkedIn account from being flagged.

LinkedIn is notoriously zealous when it comes to scraping and automation and my experience with OctopusCRM has, so far, been excellent.

I’d recommend using OctopusCRM for your personal account and Phantombuster for your growth (experimentation) accounts.

In summary, it’s an excellent tool because it really behaves like a human would when on LinkedIn.

This tool will genuinely save you a lot of time.

Social Media Hacks 11: Get The Trending Article From Growth Hacker Reddit

Identify bloggers that churn out great content and allow commenting.

Being the first person to comment on an article will place your comments and creative sales copy at the very top of the list and it can stay there forever!

If the article is syndicated through social media it may receive thousands of hits so it can be worthwhile to get your comment in as soon as the post is published (or at least as fast as possible).

To be able to be the first person to comment on your blog articles of choice then I’d recommend you use IFTTT.

Essentially, this hack works by alerting you via an RSS feed alert when an article has been published and therefore allowing you the option to comment.

Pounce on it as soon as possible and at a minimum, you’ll be able to drop a comment with a backline, or, you could suggest another resource to search for on the same subject.

Also, if you do this process enough you’ll become noticed by the author (and influencer) which could lead to a conversation.

This is one of those hacks which takes five minutes to set up and which can be left to run for the next year or more.

Personally, I like to connect all alerts like this to a dedicated slack channel so that I can determine what is worthwhile and what is not.

Social Media Hacks 12: Fake Facebook Comment Page

This one is a bit sneaky.

Whilst some of you reading this will agree that sometimes you have to “fake it to make it”, or better said, slightly bend perception to fit your narrative.

Social proof is vital when selling online.

We all know what a Facebook comments form looks like so why not publish a comment form with pre-populated comments to insinuate that it has been embedded from Facebook?

Why would we do this?

Because to the casual observer, it looks like you’ve embedded a Facebook comments box within your webpage which just so happens to have some incredibly positive and encouraging comments.

Use it as you wish.

Don’t mention Facebook on the branding of your form and you’re good, no copyright there.

You can get the code here.

Social Media Hacks 13: Simple Quora Growth Hacking

Not many appreciate the power of Quora in my opinion.

As a resource Quora is up there with Wikipedia as a valuable and trusted resource amongst millions of visitors.

For growth marketers, Quora offers an abundance of opportunities.

If you’re unfamiliar with Quora please take the time to go ahead and check it out then come back here.

Let’s appreciate that Quora provides trusted “answers” or “series of answers” to common questions.

The answers that are voted the highest (with the same up/down voting methodology as Reddit) carry recognition, authenticity, and trust: three adjectives that will elicit traffic to your service or product.

Plant a question that you know will be of interest and answer it. It’s important that you answer it with a spirit of impartiality.

This hack focuses on answering questions that will get you traffic.

The first step of this hack is to find worthwhile Quora questions in your niche.

To do this, use the following Google dork.

site:quora.com keyword “1 answer” “view 1 upvoter” “k views”

The above search parameter tells Google to find results specifically from Quora that have decent views but only one answer, and clearly, we want to push our answer with our link to the top!

(Obviously, replace “keyword” with your own keyword).

Now, you can also enter hundreds of keywords and then fire up Scrapebox to help you with this and you’ll end up with potentially tons of fantastic opportunities to get backlinks. I’d suggest using a Virtual Assistant to help you with this.

If you have a slightly more competitive question to answer on an even more popular page then I’d suggest paying Microworkers or Amazon Turks to pay for real people to upvote your answer, but make sure that they have to find it on the page to make it look more natural.

Social Media Hacks 14: Send Out Automatic LinkedIn Invitations

There are some hacks that I do every day, and this is one of them: my automated LinkedIn connection machine.

You can easily set up a process whereby you can automatically send invitations and connect to a list of LinkedIn users with a personalized message

I regularly send out 80 to 100 friend requests each day on automation.

To do this I head over to phantombuster and perform a LinkedIn search that will scrape your targeted prospects. The result of this is that you’ll receive a CSV file with LinkedIn Profile URLs.

With the list of LinkedIn profiles, you can sit back and let Phantombuster do its magic and reach out on your behalf.

The nice thing about this hack is that you can connect to them by sending each prospect a personalized message with their first name.

Keep it simple, keep it honest, just say, Hi {{firstName}}, we’re in the same niche I thought we might connect. Thanks, Henry

You’ll get a ton of accepted requests that you can gently market to later.

Also, here’s a tip.

Be sure to clean out your requests at least once a month. There’s another “phantom” that can remove the invitations that were not accepted or viewed.

Why is that important?

LinkedIn has an algorithm that will detect your acceptance rate and if it seems that you are sending out too many requests then your account might get flagged. Or said simply, LinkedIn doesn’t like this type of automated networking.

Use this hack for your experimental LinkedIn accounts whilst I’d suggest using OctopusCRM on your personal account.

Social Media Hacks 15: Instagram Follower Collector

The “Instagram Follower Collector” does the hard work of going through a list of Instagram profiles you’re interested in and extracting all their followers.

In fact, you’ll be able to download your Instagram followers list from any account (9,000 per launch)!

To do this we turn to our trusty friend: Phantombuster.

The setup is incredibly simple.

Set it on automatic and keep up to date with someone’s follower’s list.

The scraper will collect the Profile URL, Username, Full Name, Profile Picture, and Privacy Setting of each follower extracted.

What benefit does this bring you?

Well, if you want to increase the number of followers on your Instagram channel, you may need to identify who would be interested in your content. These people are probably already Instagram followers of someone else, of influencers, or of brands.

This hack will help you gain more real, targeted, and active followers on Instagram.

Social Media Hacks 16: Discover Gems In Your LinkedIn Followers Insights

This is a monthly or quarterly task that is absolutely worth doing to identify influential people within your LinkedIn network.

This hack uses Phatombuster and it will scrape and allow you to download a full list of your followers.

The benefit of this hack is that the list that you are able to download will display how many followers each of them has.

This information is incredibly powerful in order to determine who are your most influential followers.

Once you’ve done this then the next step is obvious!

Reach out to the most influential people with a personalized message to seek help in promoting your service or product.

Social Media Hacks 17: Facebook Group Extractor

We all know the power that Facebook holds.

Yes, yes, yes there’s the ongoing discussion about how Facebook is losing its’ appeal, but, nonetheless, this Search Engine Marketing is awesome for two reasons:

  1. It’s unbelievably cheap to generate niche-specific leads;
  2. It’s simple and easy to set up.

Turning to the Phantombuster “Facebook Group Extractor” we note that we’re able to extract group members’ data: profile URL, first name, last name, profile picture, and their bio.

Unfortunately, we can’t get their emails, but we can run other hacks to get those.

The amazing thing is that we can scrape up to 10,000 members per Facebook Group.

Before we jump into the hack, let me just share an obvious point about Facebook groups.

If you join a Facebook group you do it because you’re interested in the group, why else would you do it!?

Let’s say you’re in the pet niche.

Scraping member’s names, and where possible their emails, is clearly golden data, all of whom would be targeted by your outreach.

The hack is able to extract all the users from within a Facebook Group which will allow you the ability to target them with your outreach.

One thing to mention is that ideally, you’d want to do this via a pseudonym Facebook account, it’s always better to be safe than sorry.

To get their email addresses you could use a tool like dropcontact.

I’d also advise using proxies for this hack.

Social Media Hacks 18: Free Linkedin Lead Email Finder (No Tools)

This method works better than using LinkedIn itself when seeking leads from within LinkedIn.

LinkedIn when used correctly is a gold mine.

Here is how this Search Engine Marketing works: firstly, type in www.google.com/ncr which will bring up the generic (global) Google Homepage. If you are insistent on targeting a particular Google Region then change the domain TLD of Google accordingly.

OK, moving on, you need to go to the footer of the Google Browser and you’ll see on the bottom right a “settings” button. Go ahead and click that, click “search settings” and then move the slider to 100 results per page.

Next, you need to visit this URL (called Recruitin), and then type in all the data required for the type of people you are looking for then hit “Search on Google”.What this will do is create what’s known as a “Google Dork,” which is a tech term for saying “customized search parameter”.

The generated customized search query will scrape Google for any indexed LinkedIn Profiles that match the keywords.

I’m sure you’ll be surprised at the results.

So, that’s all well and good having those links, but what’s next? Well, there are really two things you could now do.

You could either connect with them however doing that one by one is tedious and I explain how to automate that in another Search Engine Marketing snippet.

The second option you have (in tandem with connecting with them), is to, of course, email these people!

To do that, simply copy the search string that Recruitin generated and paste it into a notepad.

Here’s mine:

"Clothing Buyer" "London" OR "Paris" -intitle:"profiles" -inurl:"dir/ " site:linkedin.com/in/ OR site:linkedin.com/pub/

Now, to find emails of the generated list, append this “@gmail.com” just before -inurl

So, the entire string would look like this:

“Clothing Buyer” “London” OR “Paris” -intitle:”profiles” “@gmail.com” -inurl:”dir/ ” site:linkedin.com/in/ OR site:linkedin.com/pub/

I virtually guarantee that it will generate a bunch of emails that you can now add to your automated email service, for which I’d recommend GMass, Mailshake, or Lemlist.

You can also add other email providers of course by adding the OR command after the “@gmail” text, so, for example, “@gmail” OR “@yahoo.com” OR “@protonmail.com” etc.

Now, you’ll likely be asking “How do I remove the emails from the list?” Well, that’s a great question and the answer is, Google “Surf7 Email Extractor”, hit the first link, and follow the simple instructions to strip all data except the email address.

Now, if the generated results are very thin, then I’d suggest using a chrome extension called “Link Clump” which will open all the profiles at once. From there you can quickly connect with them.

It’s worth noting that there are other solutions out there, but for a free quick and dirty hack, which takes less than five minutes, you’ll be almost certain to generate a bunch of results.

Social Media Hacks 19: $5 Hack To Explode Your LinkedIn Content

If LinkedIn is your preferred B2B/B2C platform of choice, then this Search Engine Marketing might be of interest.

LinkedIn has over 575+ million users, with more than 260 million monthly active users, and 40% access it on a daily basis. Clearly, this is a dream platform for Growth Hackers and Marketers.

Getting traction on LinkedIn is notoriously difficult but once you crack their algorithm then you can unlock a treasure chest of leads.

There are some “known positives” about the LinkedIn algorithm.

Four of these that I am aware of are:

  • If your content is immediately engaged then that’s seen as a positive;
  • Mentioning people with larger networks than yourself;
  • Linking to posts within the platform;
  • The engagement of other users (i.e. liking and commenting on your posts)

This hack games the system by working within a mutual agreement.

The hack is simple: you join a network using a Chrome AddOn called “LemPods” (LemPods is made by the same team as the email provider called LemList).

Here’s how it works: it’s a syndicate of LinkedIn users that all automatically comment and “like” each other’s posts.

This mutually agreed network of participants liking each other’s content works great.

These are the steps you need to take.

  1. Step 1, Sign up and install the chrome extension;
  2. Step 2, Invite up to 50 members or friends through a specific code, known as a “Pod Code”;
  3. Step 3, Write your LinkedIn post, and then;
  4. Step 4, People in your “Pod” will automatically engage with it on LinkedIn through likes and standard comments sending positive signals to LinkedIn and therefore encouraging the algorithm to take notice of your account.

It works, it’s awesome and it is affordable.

For USD $5 a month (for every “pod”) you’ll soon have your content ranking high and going viral!

There’s also another alternative called Alcapod,

Social Media Hacks 20: Double Your Ad Engagement With Short Videos/ GIFs

Motion catches your eye, which is why Click Through Rate (CTR) with video ads are 100% higher than static ads.

In social advertising, CTR is everything.

LinkedIn, my favorite platform, clearly favors video because that’s what the community wants.

To do this, use a tool called Kapwing and cut a segment of a YouTube video to make it into an animated gif that you can then add to your Social Media Advertising efforts.

Make sure that the video is ideally under a CC license that allows you the ability to reuse it for commercial reasons.

If you use video ads and CTA’s your click-through rate will be noticeably higher, and social channels are all about CTR.

Social Media Hacks 21: Twitter Hashtag Collector

This hack uses the IFTTT automation service and it will work best if you have a specific hashtag that you’d like to monitor and engage with.

Let’s say your client was selling organic “seaweed-based” products.

The keyword (hashtag) for “seaweed” is extremely niche and, of course, it would be interesting to see who is talking about that on social media, thereby allowing us an opportunity to engage in that conversation.

So, here’s the hack.

Once you’ve connected your Twitter account to IFTTT, set up a trigger so that every time the hashtag “seaweed” is mentioned it populates a row on a Google Sheet.

Now, what you’ve created is a nice and simple way to see the discussions relating to your keyword.

This is one of those growth hacks that I’d suggest setting up and letting it marinate; it should be part of your workflow to check once a week to see what discussions are being had, who is the most vocal, etc., and make a decision on reaching out to them and engaging with their audience.

Social Media Hacks 22: Twitter Auto Follow

Automatically follow a list of Twitter accounts.

Once you’ve found influential personalities within your niche then simply fire up Phantombuster or IFTTT to automatically reach out and connect with them.

The purpose of this is to generate more followers and increase your reach.

First, you need to create your target list, i.e. your ideal list of Twitter accounts that you’d love to connect with.

This automated outreach will then go and connect with every person in your desired profile list and you’re good to go!

Once you’ve connected with them you’ll be in a great position to push marketing down their profiles which, with any luck, might be retweeted.

Social Media Hacks 23: A Simple Hack To Getting 1000’s Of Likes From Facebook

Sure, everyone is using chatbots these days, but they can be expensive.

My favorite chatbot that I review and explain in my book is ConversioBot, but Mobile Monkey has an excellent advantage that can propel your growth marketing.

Mobile Monkey has a free and paid plan, and once you’ve created an account you connect it with your Facebook page.

When people start messaging and interacting with you on Facebook they’ll also subscribe to your list.

This will help build up your audience overall, so each time you post something on Facebook then they will be alerted.

The key to this Search Engine Marketing is that this Facebook integrated chatbot encourages everyone to go and like your content and comment on it, which is one of the biggest positive signals you can send to the Facebook algorithm.

The more comments that you get on anything you share the more viral your content goes.

That’s why you want to encourage them to like and comment.

When you’re publishing on Facebook, that post, that video, that status update, ask them to leave a comment in it, create something that’s engaging so they want to leave a comment.

And what you’ll find with your Mobile Monkey list is you should have an open rate of 65% on the low end, but typically it’s 70, 80 plus percent, and your click-through rates in many cases are over 25%.

Social Media Hacks 24: Use The Hashtag “#growthhacking” On Twitter

Some things just work.

Make sure that if you’re on Twitter you include the hashtag #growthhacking.

As long as your content is useful then you’ll get a retweet, like, or follow.

Just try it and I guarantee you’ll get a positive experience!

Of course, rinse and repeat for similar handles and tags that you think are appropriate.

How do you find other trending hashtags from within your niche?

The answer to me (at least) is to head over to Buzzsumo where you will find hundreds of popular and trending content ideas that you can use to get inspiration.

Social Media Hacks 25: Add Social Logins To Admin Pages

Adding a social login option to your login pages or sign-up pages can drastically increase your conversion rates.

The obvious benefit is the ease of use.

Remembering multiple passwords is a pain for most of us and, in reality, asking a user to create yet another password can be a source of friction. We want to remove as many restrictions as possible and make the journey as easy and simple as possible whilst delivering a positive experience.

The implementation of social media logins is incredibly cheap (and free for WordPress users) and you’ll likely notice a positive bump in registrations.

The implementation of this feature using WordPress can take as little as two minutes when using one of the many available plugins.

Social Media Hacks 26: Extract Linkedin Group Members

Here’s yet another hack from Phantombuster and one I have used extensively for the last two years.

Scrape 2,500 members of any LinkedIn Group that you are a member of!

Think about it, that’s pretty intense!

Remember that if someone has joined a particular group on LinkedIn then they’ve 100% stated their interest in that niche, topic, or industry.

If your prospects also belong to that same interest group then clearly having a list of those members would only be beneficial.

Once you’ve scraped all the users’ LinkedIn Profiles then reach out to them via automated outreach also mentioned in this book, or scrape their emails, and you’ll have a very targeted list of prospects.

Here’s an example of how powerful this can be.

I had a client in the wine business (B2C/B2B), and they’re just so happened to be a Wine Lovers Group on LinkedIn specifically in my clients’ targeted city.

What we did was scrape all members, connect with them via email and LinkedIn (and Dropcowboy voicemail) to invite them to a wine tasting event.

We contacted a sample of 1,000 people and an incredible 42% replied!

That’s the power of this hack.

The rest of the hack goes like this: the 42% that replied were invited to a “wine-tasting” event and once you have your leads in a room together then you’re golden, start selling to them in person!

The net result of this hack in real life was seeing sales explode and brand association with high-net-worth individuals.

Social Media Hacks 27: Find Social Profiles For Hundreds Of Domains

Get to know Scrapebox.

It’s old school, but it’s still an excellent scraping tool.

For the best results, you’ll need to use proxies.

Scrapebox has dozens of features such as being able to scrape dozens of data points from over 30 different search engines, keyword scraping, finding domains, comment scraping, downloading youtube videos, and a ton more.

For this hack, I’d recommend you to use Scrapebox.

So, in the spirit of this resource, let’s dive into my favorite five-minute Search Engine Marketing using Scrapebox.

The hack is called: Social Account Scraper.

This AddOn is included free with ScrapeBox and it allows you to do just that: to scrape social profiles from websites.

Simply load a list of URLs and set the number of connections you wish to use and hit Start.

It will scan each website and gather the published profiles for FaceBook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn and Google+

What benefit does this have?

Well, once you have a list of social accounts (of competitors for example) then you can reach out to them, connect with them or scrape their followers and connect with them.

Social Media Hacks 28: Never Lose Another Social Visitor With Sniply

This is a fantastic tool and I love it because it maximizes your social media sharing.

Here’s how it works.

Typically, if you link to some great content somewhere, say for example, from your Twitter feed, then you will typically “lose” that individual to another site.

Snip.ly addresses this “loss” in a neat and perfect way, it simply appends a CTA (Call To Action) button on the website you sent your visitor to.

You’ll see a surge of sign-ups to your newsletter or to wherever you’d like that referred traffic to go.

I’m sure you’ll love it; you just need to understand how it works to see the instant benefit that it will bring.

Social Media Hacks 29: YouTube Subscriber Remarketing

This is a fantastic hack to get more subscribers to your YouTube channel.

One of the challenges with YouTube is getting subscribers into your channel and this hack helps remedy that.

The best thing about this hack is that you will be targeting prospects who already know and like your content!

There is no doubt that building a large subscriber base on YouTube will result in more video views and increased engagement, so let’s get cracking and make that happen!

To do this we need to link your YouTube account with your AdWords account.

When you’ve done this you’ll be able to specifically target custom audiences in AdWords that are already watching your videos on YouTube.

One of your custom audiences should be the grouping of people that have watched a video (from your YouTube Channel) but didn’t hit the subscribe bell, so let’s try to convert them using advertising!

To do this in AdWords you need to head over to Shared Library > Audiences and create two custom audiences. The two audiences should be named:

  • Watched a video on your channel
  • Subscribed to your channel

Once you’ve created your Ad Image or Text, perhaps use Canva, then go into the “Interests & Remarketing” section of AdWords and ad targeting for the custom audience “Watched a video on your channel” and then scroll down and click “Exclusions” and add “Subscribed to your channel”.

That’s it.

An ad will now show to all those who watched a video on your channel but didn’t subscribe thereby giving them another chance to become a valued subscribers.

Social Media Hacks 30: Repurpose Linkedin Jobs

Everybody is on LinkedIn (in my opinion) for two reasons: they are there to push their agenda onto anyone who will listen or they are there for job opportunities (or both!).

One of the best features of LinkedIn is the ability to get job alerts based, as you’d expect, on your keywords.

What’s the growth hack?

Because a company is hiring for a position tells you that they have a need for a solution to a “problem”.

For example, if they are seeking a “Growth Marketer” or “Social Media Specialist” then contact them offering your consultancy services.

This is one of those hacks that you would set up and then outsource to a Virtual Assistant to manage.

Try it and see.

You only need to be right once or twice for this hack to pay off.

Social Media Hacks 31: Auto-Watch YouTube Videos (Increase Viewer Count)

Jarvee is a tool, or SaaS product, very similar to Phantombuster.

My favorite growth hacking platform is Phantombuster but for YouTube tasks, I’d absolutely recommend you use Jarvee.

There are four features that I use Jarvee for when it comes to YouTube, they are:

  1. Being able to comment on videos automatically;
  2. Like comments;
  3. Randomized “human” behavior;
  4. And being able to “auto-watch” videos.

Let’s take each of these in turn.

The benefit of commenting on videos is that you’ll get the attention of people in your target market and speed up the growth of your YouTube channel.

Being able to automatically “like comments” keeps your followers engaged by liking the comments they leave on your YouTube channel whilst this tool also allows you to leave comments on other videos to get noticed by prospects.

Using this growth hacking tool will make your account look more natural so you shouldn’t be too worried about using a proxy.

The final and best feature that Jarvee has to offer is its ability to allow you to “auto-watch videos”.

You can set this tool up to automatically watch videos for you!

The benefit here is that you can set it up to increase your video’s view count, or you can watch other people’s videos so your account blends better.

Social Media Hacks 32: A Classic LinkedIn Post Hack

LinkedIn’s algorithm is hard to game.

They are aware of data scrapers and bot harvesting and they are effective at blocking them, but there are some subtle ways to get the system to favor your content through real human interaction.

As I’m sure you know, LinkedIn looks for signals to rank and promote content.

One of those signals is whether or not your network clicks the [see more] button which expands the rest of your post.

The trick here and the mini Search Engine Marketing is to get the user to click that link by having one short sentence at the start of your post, then start a new paragraph with some teaser text to entice the user to click for more.

This is a simple signal which will favor your content to be promoted.

Here’s an example:

4 Reasons to Boost Your Marketing Efforts In June (and not July)

  • June is seen as the happiest month of the year by people…….

The amount of content (word count) in the above example is what would be shown in the LinkedIn post, and to read more they have to click the collapse button thereby triggering a positive signal to the LinkedIn algorithm.

It’s simple, and it works.

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