How To Contact Journalists The Easy Way

This is promoting a paid service (I’m not an affiliate for this product) but anyway – here it is!

Just shy of a million individuals are available to advertise your brand for USD $75 each month if you want to reach out to over 600K Journalists, 220K Podcasters, and 310K Influencers

“PressHunt” is the platform’s name, and you can find it at

This is a faster approach to locate journalists than reaching out on LinkedIn or utilizing a service like HARO (Help Out A Reporter), which requires more of a growth hacker approach and requires more time. HARO is also a great way to get backlinks so you can consider that tool as being useful and part of your SEO growth hacking strategy.

It’s possible to establish your own PR agency by combining PressHunt with Just Reach Out (available here:, which is a platform meant to identify the most relevant journalists, newspapers, press opportunities, and podcasts interested in your area.

To get maximum exposure as quickly as feasible you should use both or one of these tools simultaneously if your goal is to get maximum exposure as quickly as possible.

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