About This Site

I’ve been actively involved in two areas for the last fifteen years: Cybersecurity, specifically Penetration Testing, and Growth Marketing.

I built this site as a resource to share my experience with particular reference to the tools that I’ve used along the journey.

The “key” takeaway I’d love for you to take from this site is that it’s a no-bullshit place in which I share experiences and what’s worked for me, and – what hasn’t, because trust me, for every one thing “that worked” there were at least 15 failures.

Cyber Hacking Tools

Every serious Pentester and Cybersecurity Professional (practitioner), needs to be able to proficiently use the tools that I list on the site. We’ve based them on popularity and typical usage.

For more information on the tools please follow this link we’re you’ll see all the categories that we have.

Here are our 2021 recommended Hacking Tools categories.

Marketing Tools

The growth marketing tools we’ve begun to list on our site are relatively new so please bear with us as we populate our Internet Marketing directory. Here’s more information.

Personal Website

I also have a personal website here that mostly relates to my Hong Kong SEO career.