Use “publicwww” and BuiltWith For SEO

Because it has a Chrome Extension, you should familiarize yourself with BuiltWith and install it on your browser.

As well as providing information on how a website has been built, BuiltWith also provides information on any connected technologies such as its content management system (CMS), advertising or optimization tools, etc.

Because it comprises the footprints of 74,659+ web technologies from over a quarter of a billion websites, it may also be utilized for lead generation.

Aside from its apparent utility in finding potential customers, it’s possible to search them by region, traffic, vertical, and more.

Your service may be targeted to Stripe users in Germany for example. That is a valuable tool to have!

Publicwww is also a great resource. A search engine for digital marketing and affiliate marketing research, this service is free to use. Searches that are not feasible with other search engines can be performed with it. Each of these languages may be searched in the source code of a web page and a list of websites that include it is downloaded.

Do you have any reason to use it? Basically, it’ll let you discover out who’s using whatever AdNetwork or affiliate network, CMS, WordPress sites utilizing specific themes, and a whole lot more.

Think of a product or service that can be added to Hubspot, possibly through an API; publicwww will then pull up as many websites as it can locate that use Hubspot.

It’s also possible to identify organizations (websites) who use your competitor’s solution and then scrape those results to get their contact information and contact them to see if they’d be interested in your more cheap and superior solution.

It’s possible to get a lot more done with one of these amazing tools.

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