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LinkedIn, as most of us are aware, is a professional business (mostly B2B) social network that when used properly can really help your lead generation strategies.

I cover several LinkedIn growth hacking strategies throughout the site, but in this particular post, I share how LinkedIn grew so fast using a growth hack that you could use as well.

With exponential growth from 2 million to 250 million members, LinkedIn grew so fast with one particular hack – this was to prey on people’s vanity.

Allowing individuals to establish their own profile that is publicly visible on search engines provided the individual with an instant platform to demonstrate their abilities.

When we see our name on the internet, we naturally want to control the narrative, and here is where the growth hack comes in.

You may do the same thing!

You might, for example, write an article on the “12 Most Influential Professionals In ABC Niche” (with “ABC” being your niche of course).

Mentioning these people, or better yet, having a distinct URL for each of the 12 people, would be a major victory since half of them would absolutely surely interact with you and request that the content be changed, and they will virtually certainly link back to you.

Of course, you should be delighted with their accomplishments and abilities!

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