Use Spyfu To Discover Competitors Ad Spending

This is a tried and tested growth marketing tool and that’s why I’ve included it.

I’ll explain what it is and then how I use it.

The original name of SpyFu gives the product away straight-away; it used to be called GoogSpy, and it works by scraping data via proprietary software on how much a company is paying for search traffic.

SpyFu shows the keywords that websites are paying for on Google Ads as well as the keywords that websites are showing up for within search results. The service also gives a cost per click and search volume statistics on their keywords and uses that depth of data to approximate what websites are spending on advertising.

The benefit of this tool is obvious, it lets you forecast what is the CAC (Customer Acquisition Cost) of your competitors, thereby giving you actionable information that you can make decisions on, especially with regards to competing for those same keywords.

I use SpyFu to act as a benchmark. In other words, I’ll pitch my clients in Hong Kong and tell them that “I know you’re spending X for certain keywords, and I’ll beat that!” This line, and this data, works every time.

There are hundreds, if not thousands, of growth hacking tools out there, and this is one that I certainly recommend.

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