Use Proxies For A 10x Approach

Why be one person when you can be ten?

I absolutely don’t condone breaking any laws but I’m all for bending terms and conditions to get results for my clients. One of those approaches is the use of proxies and cookie-swapping with everything that I do online.

I encourage my clients to create multiple accounts on social media.

What’s the hack I’m really getting at here?

The hack is to create at least a dozen accounts (preferably Gmail accounts) so that you can register accounts on LinkedIn, Quora, Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, etc.

Let’s take an example of how this helps our growth marketing.

Imagine you post a comment or post on LinkedIn or Reddit, you can nudge the comment up via voting or liking it, therefore, making it more susceptible to being promoted to the top. Once you’re at the top of a platform like Reddit or SlashDot then you can expect significant traffic to your site or blog.

So, let’s carry on with the method behind the growth hack.

It’s better to start by buying pre-registered Gmail accounts to get this process going. Why Gmail? Because you can then create accounts with the aforementioned social media channels easily, and they’re inexpensive to buy.

You’ll need to be quite technical here so bear with me. If it’s too technical for you then give this hack to someone in your office to do it on your behalf.

First off, head over to Bulk Accounts Buy and get yourself ten Gmail accounts.

Then, head over to Buy Proxies and get yourself ten proxies (one for each Gmail account).

Thirdly and lastly, go to the Chrome Addon store and install the following addons “Swap My Cookies” and “SwitchyOmega”.

Here’s what we are trying to achieve, we want to install the proxies (which are IP’s) into our Google Chrome Browser so that every time we comment or take an action using one of our accounts we seem as if we are coming from the same particular location in the world.

Why do we need to do this? If we don’t then these platforms will detect that all the Gmail accounts are owned by the same person and they’ll cancel them.

Whilst having ten different accounts won’t move the needle too much with regards to boosting Quora or Reddit posts (I’d suggest using Microworkers or MTurks for that) you can use the account most effectively for at least posting the initial content.

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