What Are Facebook Lookalike Audiences?

It’s worth noting that most mature seasoned marketers already know about “Lookalike Audience” and how to further growth hack this service! Facebook lookalike audiences can really help with your lead generation strategies as well as your overall digital marketing efforts.

Lookalikes are calculated by an “algorithmically-assembled group of social network users that resemble another group in some manner”.

Facebook, Instagram, and hundreds of other social media platforms all utilize similar mathematical profile matching. If you’re doing any form of social media marketing then you need to know about Facebook audiences.

The big advantage of “Lookalike Audiences” is that you can identify similar personalities and target them.

So, how do we acquire the emails that serve as “indicators” for creating Social Media “Lookalike Audiences”?

Here are three ways:

Are you not connecting with your clients from your own inbox?
— Newsletter subscribers; Get emails from your LinkedIn ideal customers.

Remember that private emails (like Gmail) include less socially profiled data than professional or business emails.

LeadGen Forms With Hidden Fields

Better to know your leads.

A hidden field on one of your forms may be utilized to receive a parameter in a URL.

Using this approach, you can collect additional information about your leads without having them fill out numerous forms.

Location, campaign, and interest category are common uses.

When adding a form field in Gravity Forms, just check Hidden Field.

Here’s one.

My popular events directory includes niche-specific events (conferences) worldwide.

Because the events are organized by area, if someone is looking at events in Europe, they are probably interested in activities in Europe, thus there is no need to ask them when they sign up for the newsletter.

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