Twitter Hashtag Collector

This hack uses the IFTTT automation service.

This hack works best if you have a very specific hashtag that you’d like to monitor and reply to.

Let’s say your client was selling organic “seaweed-based” products.

The keyword (hashtag) for “seaweed” is extremely niche and, of course, it would be interesting to see who is talking about that on social media and allow us an opportunity to engage in that conversation.

So, here’s the five-minute hack.

Once you’ve connected your Twitter account to IFTTT, set up a trigger so that every time the hashtag “seaweed” is mentioned it populates a row on a Google Sheet (or by the way it could also create a card on Trello).

Then, that way, you have a nice and simple way to see any discussions that you’d like to participate in.

This is one of those growth hacks that I’d suggest setting up and letting it marinate; it should be part of your workflow to check, for example, once a week to see what discussions are being had, who is the most vocal, etc., and make a decision on reaching out to them and engaging with their audience.

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