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Twitter continues to be a main social media platform for so many businesses. Some countries tend to lean towards Twitter more than other nations. For example – take the United Kingdom: it’s very popular, but here in Hong Kong where I live it’s almost non-existent. In this brief post, I’ll outline two methods you can use to auto-follow on Twitter.

So, in summary, what we are trying to achieve is to automatically follow a list of Twitter profiles from a given list.

Use Phantombuster To Auto Follow On Twitter

Mentioned many times throughout this site, phantombuster, is an excellent tool to achieve this.

Once you’ve found influential personalities within your niche – by scraping them – then simply fire up Phantombuster and the tool will automatically connect to the list in a natural way that will not arouse the suspicions of Twitter.

You have to make sure that you set all the settings correctly otherwise you’ll just get kicked off the platform.

How Do You Get The List In The First Place?

Good question.

The answer is by also using phantombuster – just check out the site and filter the phantoms by “Twitter” and you’ll see that there is a script that will generate the list for you.

Once you have your competitors scraped followers then it is time to reach out to them and hope that they also reciprocate.

Place the scraped profiles on a Google Sheet and then connect the service to the Auto Follow on Twitter script and that will then connect with the list every few hours. I’d suggest letting it run once an hour, that way you stay off Twitter’s radar.


IFTTT is free when compared to phantombuster.

I’d use IFTTT if it’s a project or throw-away account, whilst I’d treat phantombuster for the money site and money social media accounts.

The purpose of this growth hack is to generate more followers and increase your reach.

Like I said, the first thing you need to do is to create your target list, i.e. your ideal list of Twitter profiles that you’d love to connect with – most likely these will be your target personas for your product or service.

These automated outreach efforts will then go and connect with every profile in your desired list and you’re good to go! Just leave it and monitor it for any downtime.

Once they’ve been added to your network then you’ll be in a good position to push marketing down their profiles which, with any luck, might be retweeted.

After all, what do you have to lose setting up this hack?

I’d always suggest bundling these hacks so you do them all at once.

This growth hack, when bundled with all the other hacks outlined throughout my site will surely help push that needle.

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