Table Of Contents For SEO Long Form

Google loves well-written, informative and helpful content and this is one of my “must-do” and “easy to understand” hacks that will absolutely help with your SEO efforts.

You ought to be publishing an authoritative piece of keyword-rich, useful content of 1,500 words per week; that would be ideal.

As discussed in another growth hack, this can be outsourced for about USD $25 per article using a service known as iwriter (

This five-minute growth hack is designed to help Google understand your content. To do this, you need to use a plugin on WordPress called “Table of Contents Plus”, here’s the URL:

There are a bunch of other ones but essentially they all work the same, they structure your content in an organized fashion which will help the reader as well as the search engines. These plugins work by inserting anchor links through your content.

In case you’re unaware as to what an “anchor link” is then it’s when you click on a title in the table of contents and it will shoot down the same page to where that section begins.

Google loves this feature because it sets out your content in an organized manner and it makes it easier to understand what your content is about and how it will be able to better index it.

As stated, there are plenty of plugins that you can use to achieve this effect, or, if you use WordPress Gutenberg it actually ships with a table that you can easily create a table of contents. If you’re not using WordPress then you can create your own “Table of Contents”.

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