Structure Your Content For SEO

This is one of my “must-do” and “easy to understand” tips that will definitely improve your SEO efforts; also, if you’re interested, I have a ton more SEO hacks and ideas that I’ve been using for years.

Ideally, you should post a 1,500-word authoritative piece of keyword-rich content per week.

This may be outsourced for around USD $25 per article utilizing a service called iWriter.

This little growth trick helps Google comprehend your content.

Use the WordPress plugin “Table of Contents Plus”.

There are more, but they all function the same way: they organize your material to benefit both the reader and the search engines. Incorporate anchor links into your text.

An anchor link is when you click on a title in the table of contents and it takes you to the beginning of that section.

Google loves this feature because it organizes your material and makes it simpler to understand what it is about and how to better index it.

There are several plugins available to produce this effect, or if you use WordPress Gutenberg, it comes with a table of contents built-in. Instead of WordPress, you may design your own “Table of Contents”.

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