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I don’t like nor recommend many SEO tools because I think that for the most part they are overpriced and they make false claims. I know that to be the case because Google does not, ever, disclose its real search data so at best these tools are guesstimates.

However, some SEO tools are 100% accurate and two of these are SEO SpyGlass and Moz’s Open Site Explorer.

These tools do the same thing; they tell you exactly who’s linking to your competitors (so you can reach out to those companies as well) to get your link on their site as well.

Do this once a week for five minutes and you’ll get some amazing link opportunities open up.

Between the two I prefer SEO SpyGlass which ships as a community edition (which is free, with limited features) as well as paid.

If you’re a solopreneur or you’ve been tasked with your organization’s SEO then I’d strongly suggest you execute this task once a week to see who links to your competitors and reverse engineer their linking strategies.

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