Stop Thief! How To Steal Backlinks (The Easy Way)

I don’t like or suggest many SEO tools since I believe they are often expensive and make misleading claims. Furthermore, most of them are just Google SERP scrapers and that’s what GSC (Google Search Console) gives you for free.

I know this because Google never discloses its actual search data, thus these SEO tools are, at best, educated guesses.

The only slight exception to this rule would be Google AdWords and their keyword planner tool; I’d certainly recommend using that to find nice keywords

Anyways, whilst I am on the subject, I’d wholeheartedly endorse SEO tools like AHRefs, SEMRush, Accuranker, Keyword Cupid, and a ton of the other ones that I use in my day job.

If you have the ability to use AHrefs then the task is very, very simple and packs a ton of value.

AHrefs > Site Explorer > Enter Domain (Or exact URL)

From this image, you enter the URL (domain) that you are interested in.

Backlinks > Sort by DR (Optional) > Download All URLs

And you can then filter all the backlinks that a domain has.

The benefit here is that a tool like this is telling you what Google is rewarding.

If you download these links then you can scrape them for emails (at the root level) and reach out to contact the webmaster. Sure, what I just said is extremely basic but you get the idea. My point being here that once you have the data then you can work with it.

Do this once a week for anywhere between five to half an hour and you’ll see some changes happen. Trust me – just do it!

Also, it’s like anything in life. Once you start a process and it gets ingrained in your business activities then you can monitor your efforts and as long as you see change then you’re looking good.

If you’re on a budget then the next best SEO tool would be SEO SpyGlass

SEO SpyGlass is available in both a free community edition (with some restricted capabilities) and a premium version.

If you are a solopreneur, growth hacker or have been charged with your company’s SEO, I strongly recommend that you perform this backlinking strategy once a week – or at least twice a month – to check who connects to your main competitors, or at least to domains in the top positions, and simply reverse engineer their linking strategy.

One of the interesting things about this strategy is that you’ll notice that sometimes Google favors certain backlink profiles. For example, it is entirely possible that Google will favor social media links from sites like Quora or Reddit and will apply SEO Link Juice to those links, whilst others might prefer Web 2.0 signals which can also be positive.

In summary, just see what is working for other players with regards to their backlinking strategies and retro-fit it to your own SEO digial marekting strategy.

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