Staggered LeadGen Forms

You’ll need to validate this against GDPR regulations but essentially this little growth hack is something you ought to think about when you’re creating a lead capture form.

Before we go any further let’s just remind ourselves that when it comes to web forms (capturing data) then less is more, i.e. keep it simple (or “KISS”, Keep It Simple Stupid“ as the old mantra goes).

I’d even just suggest keeping it to asking the recipient for only their email.

The more data you capture the higher the drop-off.

So, what is this pre-populating?

Pre-populating means that you place the person’s email already in the sign-up email capture form (for example). How is that done? You’ll need a tool like the WordPress Gravity Forms plugin.

Say, for example, you have two forms.

The first form is used to capture general customer information, and the second is used to create a new user account on your site. Instead of creating an account with the first form using the user registration add-on, you would rather only register the user with the second form.

In this scenario, it can be a bit of a pain for the customer to need to enter their information such as name and email twice. This is where confirmation query strings come into place and allow you to pre-populate the second form based on the first form’s submission.

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