Speech To Text (Unique Content for SEO)

Unique content is the holy grail when it comes to SEO. OK, sure – it is only a proportion of what needs to be done, but ultimately, you need keywords in your content for search engines to find your content. Here’s an (obvious) way to get a shed load of content into your site ASAP.

If you’re blogging manually, you’re going to reach a level of fatigue and fast.

The reason for this is because most people type at around 30 words per minute so in an hour, without interruption, you can consider churning out 1800 words per hour. Once you factor in editing and proofreading you’ll be lucky to get 500 to 1200 words per hour. Clearly, this can’t be scaled for our purposes as Growth Marketers.

The proven solution is to dictate, have your words converted into text, and have that text edited via iWriter.com that I’ve mentioned previously in my book and course.

The hack is this: most people speak at the rate of 100 to 150 words per minute (about 6500 words to 12000 words per day) so with editing, you can create about 4500 words to 7500 words per hour!

To do this we need two things, a tool to convert speech to words and an editing tool.

The first solution is to head over to:

Google Docs > Tools > Voice Typing > "Click To Speak"

Once you’ve done the above, then simply start speaking and Google will convert your speech to test. Simple. Once done you can send that to an editor over at iWriter.com for further editing or tweaking if necessary.

The other solution is to send your content to rev.com and you’ll pay just over USD$ 1 for one minute of transcribed speech-to-text. That’s a lot of text.

They claim 99% accuracy. Speak clearly and you’ll push it to 100%!

This is a no-brainer and will propel your content marketing and therefore your SEO and will massively help with your growth marketing stuff.

Henry "HMFIC"

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