Smile At The Receptionist. Yes, Really…

When James Bond walked into his MI5 London office he’d toss his bowler that would perfectly inland on the coat stand. 

It was a trademark 007 move and made him look fun and confident. 

This hack has really more to do with psychology rather than digital or offline marketing but I decided to include it because I do think it will add value to your approach in generating clients and business.

The hack is pegged to this statement: the receptionist yields more power than you think.

A receptionist could likely know every person working in the office. When you meet your client in their office to pitch your business, or perhaps you’re going for an interview, make sure that you leave a very positive and friendly impression. 

The reason for this is obvious and simple. People talk. Receptionists also talk. Employees meet in social settings more than we appreciate  They have lunch together, they bitch, moan and complain as they stand around the water cooler. Nothing works better than being endorsed naturally (‘word of mouth’) by an internal and trusted employee. 

Here’s what you want the receptionist to say about you:

“Hey Tom, that guy that came round earlier, I think his name was Henry or Harry? He seems like a nice guy, are you working with him now?”

There you go! You’ve just been endorsed and your ally has now reminded Tom to reply to your quote and hire you!

Here’s my last point on this hack: people forget what you say, but they always remember how you treated them. 

Be nice and you’ll go far.

Henry "HMFIC"

I'm Henry, the guy behind this site. I've been Growth Hacking since 2002, yep, that long...

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