Befriend The Receptionist To Close Deals

This offline growth hack will help you with your lead generation tactics.

If you are like me and spending considerable time going out to meet clients to try and close them as clients, either for your SEO business or other, then I’d get into the habit of making sure that you are super-charming to the receptionist of the company that you are visiting.


Well, aside from just being a nice guy or gal, the point here that I am making is that you want to leave an impression that very often is relayed back to the decision maker.

This works especially well if you’re having an interview.

Remember that we all gossip, bitch of each other and basically just shoot crap to each other, and what you are trying to do is to leave a lasting – and positive – impression with the receptionist or whoever is at the “front desk” with a chance, and it’s not to whacky to assume, that they will say something positive about you.

We all want to work with nice, friendly and fun people, so the endorsement from someone inside the business or company can only be a massive positive and might just be enough to land you the job or the client.

It’s simple and ultra-basic but I can’t emphasize the importance of this.

Leave a positive impression is what I’m trying to say with this hack and it will almost certainly help with your lead generation activities.

Many individuals are unaware that nice deeds and activities may create a significant amount of business.

Kindness and trust are hardwired into our minds.

When we are treated with kindness and respect, our brains generate more oxytocin and dopamine, which allows us to relax, be more open to others, and be more sharing and cooperative.

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