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A lot of top-tier media businesses use this old digital marketing hack.

This refers to being able to indicate the city (or nation) in which the visitor is now situated and presumably resides in the sales text.

This means that different people will see different material.

“More people in New York, like you, are reading and supporting The Guardian’s independent, investigative journalism [and it continues to ask for a donation],” says a donation form on the Guardian’s website. In fact, I’m in New York.

Example of IP Based Location

“New York: Incredible Device to Melt Away Neck Pain” is another example of native advertising on CNN’s main page.

Another example

VPN businesses are a good example of a sector that does this extremely well. For example, “More and more individuals in New York are now able to watch TV from their native country” and so on.

In this case, the hack is basic, clean, and efficient. A visitor’s meta-data upon hitting a server offers this information which may be utilized to your profit. Copy, sales offer, or anything. This bit of information must have a purpose.

When it comes to my Cybersecurity Speaking Bureau, for example, I utilize it all the time. Speaking engagements for Cybersecurity Professionals may be found all around the world, thanks to my extensive network. For example, if someone from New York lands on my site, an ad will appear that reads: “Speak at New York Cyber Events and Get Noticed!”

Because it’s realistic, inexpensive, and just takes five minutes to put into action, this is a wonderful little growth hack. Is this possible if you’re using WordPress? If-So is a simple plugin to use. is the website address.

The following are some examples of triggers that might show various materials using the plugin:

– Geolocation
– Google Ads
– UTM parameters
– Pages visited
– Browser language
– Dynamic links
– Referrer
– Advertising platforms
– Device type

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