Let Customers See The Benefits For Themselves

Allow prospective customers to independently verify your cost-saving for themselves and they will self-validate your services meaning that they will sell themselves!

Nothing beats a lead or prospect who is able to convince themselves that your product or service will genuinely help them, and that’s precisely what this digital marketing hack is all about.

This growth marketing tip, or “hack” if you want to call it that, is particularly successful in industries such as real estate, insurance, and loan financing.

Here’s how it works, simply create (or buy) a slider that shows how much money you save and includes factors that vary as the information changes.

Self-validation is essential here and will most likely result in a significant increase in conversions and income.

Go to Evanto (Theme Forest) to purchase hundreds of templates that you may adapt for your business or use case.

I had a coworking space customer, and we created a “rent-saver” calculator that showed them how much money they would save if they signed up; the campaign was effective, and it is still in use.

It converted really well because again, the customer, or in this case, prospective tenant, was able to clearly validate how much money they’d save by renting from us rather than a traditional office space.

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