Skyscraper Technique SEO Hack

SEO is a difficult yet rewarding channel if done correctly.

On the other hand, the good news is that you can outsource a lot of your SEO strategy to increase traffic to your website or app.

So, what’s the deal with this particular SEO tactic?

The tactic in this post is to bring to your attention something called the “Skyscraper Technique” which is a very common SEO technique made popular by Dean from Backlinko.

What’s The Strategy?

Globally, skyscrapers keep getting taller. It’s basically a contest to see who has the biggest one – and yeah there is a bit of Freudian slip in that.

Like skyscrapers, the bigger the list the higher the chances of getting the CTR.

I’m referring to lists like “Top Ten” or “117 Free SEO Tools”, etc.

Here’s the hack: to compete on a popular blog article or resource, simply make yours bigger.

The idea has been researched and implemented by your competitors! Think of yourself as a growth marketer selling an online tool. Your opponent wrote “The Best 17 Free Growth Tools”. A better headline would be “117 Unbelievably Effective & Free Tools That Will Explode Your Business Growth”.

This method takes five minutes to design and perform.

Find material you like and improve it. Consider approaches to improve the content’s appeal.

Add a vote, additional feedback, and a download section for all stuff. You can then outsource it to “platinum level” copywriters on sites like iWriter.

As a rule, choose odd numbers rather than even numbers. 11 outperforms 6 and 27 outperforms 20.

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