How To Find Quora Opportunities

How Effective Is Quora for Search Engine Optimization?

Because people are discussing a topic in ordinary language that isn’t censored by search engines or algorithmic suggestions, Quora is a rich resource for SEO keyword research. In this manner, it’s similar to Reddit in that you may uncover keywords you didn’t realize you didn’t know.

This growth hack, which explains how to find Quora opportunities is one of those hacks that can really help with your SEO strategy as well as your social media growth hacking.

In my perspective, hardly many people recognize Quora’s power.

Quora ranks with Wikipedia as a useful and trustworthy resource among millions of visitors.

Quora provides a plethora of options for growth marketers.

If you’re unfamiliar with Quora, please go ahead and check it out before returning here. You can now see that what Quora does is give a credible “answer” or “series of replies” to frequent queries.

The responses that receive the most votes (using the same up/down voting mechanism as Reddit) convey recognition, authenticity, and trust: three characteristics that will drive visitors to your business or product.

Plant a question that you know will pique people’s attention and respond to it. It is critical to respond to it in a neutral manner.

If you can discover a topic that has a lot of views but isn’t adequately answered, and you know you could do a better job, this growth hack will focus on getting your response and link to the top of the page.

The first step of this hack is to find worthwhile Quora questions in your niche. To do that we can use a Google dork; the dork we need is as follows: keyword "1 answer" "view 1 upvoter" "k views"

The above dork tells Google to return results specifically from that have solid views but only one answer, and clearly, we want to push our answer with our link to the top!

(Obviously, replace “keyword” with your own keyword).

You may also enter hundreds of keywords and then use Scrapebox to aid you, and you’ll end up with possibly hundreds of excellent possibilities to gain backlinks. I’d recommend hiring a Virtual Assistant to assist you with this.

If you have a little more competitive topic to answer on an even more popular website, I would recommend using Microworkers or Amazon Turks to pay for actual people to upvote your response, but make sure they have to locate it on the page to make it appear more genuine.

Quora has approximately 19.8 million pages of material indexed by Google at the time of writing.

And alone the English language domain (www) had 19.8 million visitors. Quora content is also available in 16 additional languages at any moment!

Are you having trouble coming up with new ideas for blog posts? What about adding a FAQ section to your service or product websites to increase the amount of text? Are you attempting to figure out what consumers in your business look for before making a purchase?

As the internet’s most popular Q&A site, Quora is bound to contain a question (or 19.79 million) that will take you to the answers you need.

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