Big Love To SerpRobot

Get a real-time picture of your Search Engine Ranking Position fast and accurately with this amazing SEO tool.

It’s also free and it’s called: SerpRobot.

I use this tool to monitor the health of my sites, as well as to monitor the competitors and develop new sites. It’s fantastic because it gives you an instant no-BS snapshot of your rankings from anywhere in the world dependent on the Google site that you’re interested in seeing your rankings.

This tool’s creators have done an excellent job at reporting how a site ranks on Google for various keywords.

This program also gives you the competitive landscape for a specific keyword or keyphrase.

Keep this bookmark in your browser to rapidly check keywords before posting content.

Tracking your SERP ranks gives you important information into how each page of your website performs for specific keywords. It will also provide you a fast snapshot of your entire SEO efforts.

Online rank monitors are many. The sheer amount of alternatives accessible online might be intimidating if you’re new to SEO and attempting to figure out which rank tracker to employ.

You may input your website and see where you rank for a variety of keywords using the tool’s free SERP checker on the tool’s homepage. This is a quicker way to verify your web site’s ranking for various keywords. This spot check is meant to briefly introduce you to the tool and get you to register.

By selecting the “Use URL” option, you may view the rankings of a specific page on your website, as well as your rivals’ rankings for a term you wish to rank for. The tool comes with five slots for keywords, but you may add more if you wish.

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