Send Email From A Real Person, i.e. “A Face To The Brand”

The chances are that there will be broken links on your site, or, someone linking to your site will point to an incorrect page or resource that all generate 404 errors.

For those that don’t know, a “404 Error” is a page that does not exist on your website that will show an error to your visitors.

OK, so what’s the growth hack?

Make sure the error page has a “Call To Action” on it, for example, you could include giveaways such as an ebook, checklists, or whatever else your visitors might be interested in.

No brainer, but you’ll be amazed at how many clients I’ve worked with that had a bland and blank 404 page.

Use First Names In Your Subject Line

Using a user’s name in a subject line is one of the easiest ways to increase your email open rates.

This can usually be done through most email service providers using a function called a “merge tag.” Of course, this assumes that you’ve also collected a name field from your leads at some point.

One of the most successful subject lines I ever used was this: “H is for Henry, P is for Plum”.

The startup I was working with was called Plum, which was a food delivery company in Hong Kong. The personalization and somewhat oddness of the subject line worked well because it did what every Digital Marketer is trying to achieve: evoke curiosity.

As ever, combine this with other hacks such as the preferred inbox time (which is 10 am on a Tuesday from my experience), an excellent email inboxing delivery tool (which is GMass or Lemlist from my experience) and from, for example, not including links in the email, removing logos, and making the header “Normal Case”, i.e. removing Capitalization.

As ever, testing is key.

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