Use Hello Bars For Lead Generation

We are all likely looking for lead generation tactics to use on our sites to increase conversions – nothing usual there. This brief post outline the importance and success that I’ve had using the Hello Bar.

Just to be clear, the “Hello Bar” is a branding exercise by nonother than Neil Patel.

Whatever you think of him he’s certainly a fantastic Internet Marketer – especially with regards to this post that has branded this CTA tool you can use, i.e. the “Hello Bar”. The tool is widely, and all I want to do in this post is an outline that they work!

This lead generation growth hack will genuinely take you five minutes to set up, especially if you are using WordPress.

Why Does It Work So Well?

Because it’s so obvious and clear to see.

Itโ€™s a prominent ribbon that sits on the top of your site with a strong and enticing Call To Action (CTA) message.

This is a simple but effective conversion trick for desktop and mobile. Ribbons at the top of sites automatically scroll with a user in order to ensure you are constantly providing users with a CTA.

Whatโ€™s good about the ribbons is that you can track your clicks and conversions and decide on what color of the ribbon (or strip if you prefer to call it that) converts best.

You can then tweak your copywriting and adjust accordingly to reap the highest ROI for your site.

Simply applying this tool will almost certainly give a boost to your sign-ups and conversions.

Personally, I utilize my own code to create this exact result, which a developer might easily code. If you’re using the GeneratePress WordPress theme, you may enable an “element” to use as a ribbon.

Most WordPress themes allow you to add a ribbon at the top as well.

I mentioned GeneratePress because it’s a favorite of mine and I know it can add this element out of the box.

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