Convert Customers That Leave Into A Positive. Here’s How!

Quirky, out-of-the-box attitude sticks out, and that is what we growth marketers seek – especially for our lead geeration tactics and SEO Hacks.

Here’s an illustration of what I mean…

When someone leaves your subscription service or quits a customer, then rather than simply than an automated message saying something like: “Sorry to see you go!”.

Instead, what I am saying is, automate a more personal message by, for example, having a picture of you holding a sign with their name on it with you looking sad. It’s a different approach and something like that can often positively end the relationship and the ex-customer leaves with a favorable impression that might well extend to positive referrals.

Of course, this isn’t applicable to all industries and businesses; doing this to a long-term SEO client would be weird – instead, I am referring more to subscription-based customers under a certain payment threshold.

This is especially effective if your company has a subscription-based MRR (Monthly Recurring Revenue). Churn rate is certainly the devil in an MRR model, therefore when someone quits their membership, let’s attempt to make it a positive!

You may use a program or design software to alter the user’s name to make it appear more real so that someone on your team can send a more engaging message with a nice farewell and a request for further information. 
The possibilities are infinite, and I’m sure you get the idea, but these finishing touches may make all the difference.

The implication with your personal messaging is that you genuinely care, and you’ll leave with a pleasant feeling.

Lemlist, which I also describe in other growth hacks throughout my site, is a good tool for this.

Lemlist enables you to add personalized text (such as first names) to photos included in emails. 

We also have a more detailed growth email marketing hacks resource.

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