Say Goodbye With A Photo

Quirky, pattern-breaking behavior stands-out and that’s what we growth marketers yearn.

Here’s an example of precisely that.

If you know someone just left your service then you can send a tweet to them holding a sign up saying we miss you.

This works especially well if your business has a subscription-based MRR (Monthly Recurring Revenue). Churn rate is obviously the killer in an MRR model so when someone cancels their membership let’s try to turn that into a positive!

Rather than sending an automated email saying a “Sorry To See You Go” message, I’d suggest doing something more humorous like holding a placard with the user’s first name with a sad expression on your face.

You can get a program or design software to replace the user’s name to make it look more authentic so that someone in your team can fire off a more engaging message with a positive goodbye in which you can ask for more information. The options here are endless and I’m sure you get the gist but these touches can make all the difference. The message you’ll convey is that you actually care and a positive final emotion would have been left.

A nice tool for this would be Lemlist which I also cover in this book.

Lemlist allows you to insert customized text (such as first names) into images embedded in emails.

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