QR Code On Your Business Card Hack

The etiquette of exchanging business cards is one of the oldest formalities in business that remains popular.

This is a growth hack that I’ve been using for years.

Let’s face it, most business cards will be discarded or placed in a draw at home or in the office, a draw whose purpose is not too dissimilar to the ubiquitous cable draw that we all seem to have.

Novelty, and creative business cards such as origami designs, may generate a degree of interest in the products or services that you’re selling, but I believe that there are two purposes to giving out a business card:

Real Uses For Business Cards

  1. To elicit contact from the recipient of the card (best, and preferred case);
  2. To get the recipient to learn more about you (second-best case)

This hack explains how to activate the second-best scenario, specifically, how to divert the offline recipient online, and therefore give you an opportunity to convince them of your services.

An engaging way of doing this is to include a QR code to your business card with a printed URL (link) underneath it.

To create a QR code with your logo takes two seconds, simply visit this service: www.qrcode-monkey.com and follow the instructions. Make sure you test it!

Now, save the image and send it on the printers when you next have your cards printed.

For the typed URL under the QR Code image, make sure that it’s as short as possible to prevent typos. Preferably the link will have tracking on it as well so that you can see how many times the link is clicked (use bit.ly or another tool like that).

Now, the landing page is critical here.

I have a resource of free landing page options if you’re interested (i.e. when applying this hack).

The landing page that you direct the recipient must have a clear CTA (Call To Action). 

Remember that the person you gave your card has already met you, and if they’ve hit the page you’ve sent them to then you can assume that they’re either close to contacting you, or that they’re still undecided. The landing page therefore should articulate a promotional offer that is exclusive to recipients of your card.

I tried this for a client in Hong Kong who owns a pet store. The URL and QR Code directed the recipient to a page that had a free sample of dog vitamins exclusively for them, all they had to do was enter the promo code “vitamincard” on the checkout. It worked great and we generated at least a couple of hundred extra clients that year.

A final benefit of this growth hack is that, as ever with most things online, you’ll be able to track its effectiveness.

In summary, if you’re giving out business cards you may as well maximize their use!

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