Landing Page Optimization

Most likely, you’ll need the assistance of a developer for this digital marketing growth hack.

Personalize your landing page by including the recipient’s name in the content, as well as in the URL itself.

Cold and warmed outreach that has responded to an email message and is interested in your offer is the greatest candidate for this type of outreach.

This means that I would be interested in learning more about a website that includes my name in its URL slug.

Whenever a user clicks on a link, they should receive a “Hi {First Name}” message.

Using “FirstName30” as an example, a 30 percent discount may be obtained.

Using WordPress’ Advanced Custom Fields, you can clone your landing page, update the URL, and enter the first name into the page in a matter of seconds. As always, a Virtual Assistant may be able to handle this work more efficiently.

However, it may be worth your effort to perform this task 10 times daily for high-value conversions.

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