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What Is Product Hunt

Launched in San Francisco, Product Hunt is an American website for people to share and discover new services and apps. In November of 2013, Ryan Hoover launched the company, and the platform allow a use to submit a product for consideration, which is listed on a daily basis. Users can post comments and upvote or downvote other users’ content – in much the same way as Reddit. This hack is designed to help scrape product hunt reviews.

If you’re targeting early adopters for your product or service then it is likely that you’ll love this growth hack.

This growth hack uses phantombuster, which is a marketing automation tool that I highly recommend.

If you want to find out about the latest and greatest new apps and services, look no further than Product Hunt.

Mobile applications, websites, hardware projects, and tech inventions are placed on the site for product-loving fans to geek out about.

Beta-testers, tech-savvy users, and early adopters are the main users of Product Hunt and as a result they’d make great personas to go after if you’re in the same tech space.

Is Your Product In A Beta Phase or MVP?

If it is then you’re in luck, this growth hack of being able to scrape product hunt reviews would be ideal.

This growth hack allows you to extract the Product Hunt profiles of every single upvoter of a list of products.

That’s it.

It’s nice and simple and highly effective because this growth hack will give you an opportunity to scrape the users of products similar to yours that you can then go ahead and contact.

Once you’ve scraped the list of upvoters (i.e. “profiles”) for similar products or services within your space then you can get more data about them.

This growth hack will help you with your lead generation by letting you pursue further marketing actions like re-targeting them on Twitter or via cookies and pixels.

In any event, having a list of people interested in a similar product to your will be golden.

One of the major benefits of this product hunt growth hack is that you’ll be able to gauge how popular (or perhaps feasible) certain features are of the products or services within your niche; that is, assuming that you have been able to match contact details with the profiles that you’ve scraped.

Product Hunt likely don’t want you scraping their data so it is likely that you’ll have to use proxies to make this growth hack effective.

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