Exchange Stickers For Reviews

This hack is completely dependent on your niche and persona you’re going after but I imagine that most people reading my book and taking my course are for the most part targeting Generation Z, Millennials and to an extent Generation Y.

If you’re targeting any of these generations and have a tech-associated product or service then print stickers, especially laptop stickers.

Trust me, the cool kids will stick them on their laptop lid and they’ll be promoting you everywhere they go.

Having nerd stickers on your laptop lid is like what tattoos are for prisoners, they associate you with your technology of choice.

Print off inexpensive stickers and just scatter them around startup coworking spaces every time you visit one of them, or just pin a bunch to a Starbucks Community noticeboard, cool bars, coffee shops wherever!

There’s little to do and this offline hack is as old as the hills but I still feel it’s a good one.

Another use for the stickers is to place an offer on your site that stipulates that you’ll send a sticker to anyone that writes you a positive review or similar.

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