Power Of Old School Set Up Group

This might be slightly left-field but it’s worked for me and it might (and I hope it does) work for you too.

If you don’t already have an old-kids alumni LinkedIn Group then set it up.

I did this hack in Hong Kong to significant success. I didn’t know that many people in the city when I moved here in 2017 so I scraped LinkedIn for anyone who went to my school and lives in Hong Kong.

If you went to a small school then do a search for your local town on LinkedIn. With over 250 million users you’ll surely find human connections that you can use to initiate contact and conversation.

Whilst the above approach is broad and scatter-gun, it only takes a few minutes to search and with a well-written message you’ll have an incredibly high conversion rate and conversations will be initiated.

It’s a small world in many ways and all it takes is an introduction to a client in your niche to make the above five-minute hack worth it.

Henry "HMFIC"

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