Use Your School Network For LeadGen

This growth hack might seem a little bit out there, but as many of the growth marketing tips and hacks that I suggest, it is often the simple ones that can have the most effectiveness, and this one might help you like it did to me.

Here it is: set up an alumni LinkedIn Group if you don’t already have one! And, even if there is one, then set one up for your site.

If you went to a small school, conduct a LinkedIn search for your hometown. With over 250 million members, you’re bound to meet human connections with whom you may begin contact and discussion.

While the preceding method is wide and scatter-gun, it only takes a few minutes to search, and with a well-written message, you will have an extremely high conversion rate and discussions will be begun.

In many respects, it’s a small world, and all it takes is an introduction to a client in your specialty to make the preceding five-minute hack worthwhile.

You’ve got to remember that the everyone needs help with their marketing and lead generation efforts and the chances are that someone in your potential network could easily become a customer.

Also – remember that whenever you reach out to someone on LinkedIn, if you mention that you went to the same school of similar then I guarantee you that the uptake will be huge, you’ll get a ton of connections, and that’s something that you can put to your advantage.

Of course, it depends on what products or services that you are offering but needless to say, the chances are that if you are on my site then you’re interests will be with SEO tactics and strategies (or SEO tools) and therefore you’ll also appreciate that everyone needs these services.

So, in summary – what’s my point? It’s simple, just leverage what you already have! If you went to school then reconnect or connect with the kids above or below you at school because you’ve got a massive advantage in being able to start a connection on LinkedIn.

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