Order Mugs And Place Them In Coworking Offices

Here’s the hack.

Go to any coworking space, shared office, etc, and I guarantee if you go to the kitchenette you’ll find a bunch of mugs.

Some will be chipped, promotional, and some will just be bland and ugly.

We’re going to change that.

Go into the shared space and leave a bunch of your own customized mugs that contain a laser-sharp focused promotional message.

Make sure your branding mentions that you’re located in the same city (or neighborhood) and ensure that that the copywriting is quirky, to the point, and has a clear CTA (Call To Action).

The cost of creating mugs is not expensive. Head over to Etsy or a similar site and you’ll be able to manufacture several dozen for about USD$50.

Sure, that might seem a bit pricey, but think about it for a second, how many cups of coffee do your potential clients drink a day? Where is your business targeting? That $50 suddenly looks mighty impressive. Your targets could be drinking from your mugs in a meeting and your brand and service would leave an impression, and if they need your services, it might trigger an inquiry.

Plus, the reason why I love this hack is that no one steals mugs. I mean who does that? And, even if someone was to “steal a mug” then all publicity is good publicity as they say, even if they do take it back home.

If you’re asking yourself, “ok Henry, sounds good, but how do I get into the office in the first place?” Just ask! Ask politely. Ask affirmatively and gently reinforce the idea that you’re just giving away a free promo and when you were last there you noticed that their mugs were old and chipped.

Chances are that the staff will either let you in or at a minimum, they’ll place the mugs in the kitchenette area themselves.

A further twist or refinement to this hack could be to add a QR code that would send the lead to a purposely made landing page (of course with a high resolution of a coffee mug) with a CTA. This will easily measure your results of this offline campaign. Remember, you get one client and your investment of $50 suddenly looks pretty damn awesome.

Go for it. If you deploy this growth hack let me know because I’d love to hear that it worked in real life!

Henry "HMFIC"

I'm Henry, the guy behind this site. I've been Growth Hacking since 2002, yep, that long...

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