Marketing & Cybersecurity Make Ugly Babies

When we first moved to Hong Kong in 2015 I struggled.

I was 40 when we moved to Hong Kong.

It gets more difficult with age moving to a new city; however, I got a few lucky breaks, got used to the place, and given time I started to really enjoy it.

Anyways – what’s the point of the post?

This post is really just a little intro about me. 

You likely got to this post via the link on the site next to my authors name, so because of that you’re obviousy curious.

I live and work in Hong Kong: my background is Cybersecurity and Digital Marketing. I’d say that (as of 2019-2020) 70% of my work is just general web application tech and digital SEO marketing with the rest being security and penetration testing. I founded a company in Hong Kong called Growth Hackers Hong Kong which is a registered HK company.

The company does exactly what the name suggests.

What about the “Ugly Baby” thing?

I was looking for a job in Cybersecurity in Hong Kong and frankly, I didn’t get much love; and really, that’s cool because I think there is more money in Digital Marketing anyway – plus – you get a ton more freedom as your own boss in Online Marketing. Anyways – back to the subject – I met up with the guy in Hong Kong who touted himself as some sort of Hacking Guru/God – but in reality, he was a bit of a dick. I was only reaching out to him for some advice and help and possibly an introduction but all I got was a sense of arrogance. When I told him I was a “Marketing and Cybersecurity Professional” he looked shocked and said: “Henry, Cybersecurity, and Marketing make very ugly babies”. Well, respectfully, I disagreed then and I disagree now.

Yes, the blend of Cyber + Marketing Makes Do Make Ugly Babies

“You can’t polish a turd”, so they say when you have a shitty-ass product that you’re trying to market. And, arguably, all you need is an “ok-ish” product and a ton of excellent growth hacking marketing and you can actually make a (pretty decent) profit. Sure, that argument remains and yeah, I guess, if you did market a shitty-ass Firewall (for example) that everyone downloads and uses and then gets hacked then the above statement of Ugly Babies makes perfect sense.

No, the blend of Cyber + Marketing Makes Does Not Ugly Babies

Both go “hand-in-hand” and for abundantly obvious reasons. To have a successful Cybersecurity product or service you need both a kick-ass Cyber Solution product as well as excellent emotive marketing.

Anyways, so my immediate past was a migration mostly away from Cybersecurity as a service (and a practioner) and into Digital Marketing in Hong Kong because that’s what was paying the bills, oh – and I market a bunch of Cybersecurity Services too.

That’s All From Me Folks

So, that’s pretty much it about me!

If you want to network then the best way to get in touch is via LinkedIn since I removed the contact form because, frankly, I was receiving way too much online spam and ridiculous requests to hack social media channels and accounts, etc.

Thanks for stoping by and I hope you learn a little something from our site.

Henry "HMFIC"

I'm Henry, the guy behind this site. I've been Growth Hacking since 2002, yep, that long...

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