Make Sure Your CTA Button Text Is Accurate

High converting copywriting is vital, but of equal importance for CTR and other important SEO metrics, is the drop-off or bounce rate for your converting pages.

I cover the importance of writing (and testing) headlines here, but in this post, I just want to be super-quick and outline a simple thing, which is: make sure your CTA Button Or Click does exactly what will happen!

There’s plenty of research to prove this – just google it – and you’ll see that the clearer your text is in your CTA (“Call To Action”) buttons (or links) then the longer the visitor will stay on the destination page.

Remember! We want to send positive metrics to Google – all the time.

For example, if you have a landing page with a button that simply said “Click Here”, the destination is vague, i.e. what can the user truly expect? Sure, they are expecting more of the same or an enhanced information page but it is still vague as to the true benefit that they will attain.

Make sure that you are accurate and descriptive with regard to the benefit of clicking a button or link.

Here Are Some Examples

For example, “Yes, I want a discount!”, “Download 327 Interview Answers”, or “Access Free Trial” is clear, descriptive and you’ll generate additional trust equity with your prospects since it is abundantly clear what it is that they will achieve.

Said another way, telling a user exactly what to expect and for them to then validate that action is critical because it enforces trust which will be extended to your service or product.

It’s a simple point I am making, but one that needs to be emphasized – and something I need to always remind myself about.

Also – it’s worth just saying quickly that, as ever, you need to test changes and edits to your buttons and links.

Does changing the text or even the color of the button actually change or improve the CTR?

You can do that using Google Analytics – this guy over at Loves Data has a good video explaining how to do it.

The other guy I recommend is MeasureSchool.

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