How To Scrape 2,500 LinkedIn Group Members

Here’s another phantombuster trick that I’ve used a lot over the last few years.

The hack that I am referring to is able to extract 2,500 members from any LinkedIn Group in which you are a member.

That’s a big deal.

Remember that if someone joins a LinkedIn group, it means they have put their hand up to declare they are interested in that specialty, issue, or industry. This could work wonders for your lead generation efforts!

If your prospects have the same passion, having a list of the members is definitely advantageous.

Once you’ve scraped all of the individuals’ LinkedIn profiles, you can reach out to them one by one using automated outreach, as discussed in this book, or scrape their emails, and you’ll have a highly focused list of prospects.

Here is an illustration of how effective this may be. I had a client in the wine industry (B2C/B2B sales, so “trade” and “customer”), and there was a Whisky Lovers Group on LinkedIn particularly for my client’s target city.

We scraped all members and contacted them through email and LinkedIn (as well as Dropcowboy voicemail) to invite them to a whisky tasting. We contacted a random sample of 1,100 people, and 43 percent responded!

That’s impressive stuff…

The remainder of the hack works like this: the 43 percent who responded were invited to a “whisky-tasting” event, and once you get all of your leads in the same room, you’re good; start selling to them in person!

In real life, this hack resulted in increased sales and brand connection with high-net-worth individuals.

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