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Nice and simple yet effective: join your competitor’s newsletters.

To keep your sanity just join a few competitors, i.e. the ones that are your “real” competitors, and I’d suggest that you create an email filter specifically for them.

An even better solution, from my experience, is to use Slack as your “dashboard” for alerts like this. The benefit of having alerts sent to Slack is that you can place them in their own unique channel and you can leave them unread until you’ve had the time to skim through them.

The benefits of this five-minute hack are that you will, of course, be able to get a sense of what your competitors are up to but also you’ll get a sense of the tone and language that they use.

Being alerted to their seasonal messaging and promotions for example can give you the inspiration to create a similar (yet improved) version of what they’ve been sending out should you deem it necessary.

This is one of those hacks that you set up and forget about for the whole year, simply sit back and check their emails once a week.

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