Join Your Competitors Newsletters For Intelligence

Join your competitors’ newsletters!

This is what I’d strongly encourage you to do for the simple reason being that it’s an obvious – and easy – way to see what your competitors are up to.

To maintain your sanity, only join a few competitors, i.e. the players that are your “true” competitors and not just anyone in the same space.

I’d also advise that you create an email filter exclusively for the stream of newsletters that come in. From my experience, an even better approach is to utilize Slack as your “dashboard” for warnings like these.

The advantage of having alerts delivered to Slack is that you can put them in their own channel and keep them unread until you have time to go through them.

The advantages of this email marketing hack are that you will not only get a feel of what your rivals are up to, but you will also get a sense of the tone and language that they employ.

Being made aware of their seasonal messaging and promotions, for example, might inspire you to produce comparable (but superior) versions of what they’ve been putting out to their customers and subscribers.

This is one of those growth hacks that you put up once and then forget about for a year; simply sit back and read their emails once a week or whenever they come out.

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