Use iWriter To Create SEO Optimized Content

Stop creating content and concentrate on your business.

I highly recommend mostly because iWriter articles are inexpensive. A 1000-word essay costs less than $10 USD.

You can even buy a 300-word post for around $2, which is inexpensive in the realm of content marketing.

When utilizing this service, it is vital that you express exactly what you desire. Uncertainty discourages authors from picking up your content.

If you don’t like the writer’s work, you can reject it and it will go back into the writer’s pool. So you never have to take an item you don’t like.

If you like any authors on iWriter, you can mark them as ‘favorite writers’ so you get the same quality every time instead of worrying about who will write your article and if it will be excellent.

Elite writers are typically outstanding authors, and they are worth the additional money.

How do you source material for iWriter? Visit Buzzsumo to check what content is popular in your niche. Send it to iWriter and post it on your site once you find a title and content you like.

Doing the aforementioned twice a week will help your SEO keyword optimization and content marketing efforts.

If you’ve enjoyed this post I also have a ton of other SEO hacks that you can read about – just get one of them right and you’ll make bank.

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