Get More Referrals From Existing Clients

If you send out receipts or bills on a regular basis to your clients, perhaps you manage an MRR model (subscription model) then why not use that opportunity for marketing?

It’s a golden moment to add an incentive for them to refer your firm in exchange for them receiving a discount on their next monthly payment?

Here’s a real-world example and a practical way to do it: DigitalOcean is a hosting company that handles millions of dollars in monthly receivables.

They have a clever offer in which they guarantee to reduce your next month’s cost by a specific percentage but only as long as you refer a client to them, and they make it easy by providing a ready-to-use referral link.

The discount is more effective because it motivates the consumer to act and this approach is widely regarded as having the highest conversion rate because both sides benefit from the transaction.

It’s a nice and simple growth hack and it will likely bring in more business for you. As ever with all the lead generation hacks that I have throughout my site, you just need to try it and see.

Good luck with it!

Henry "HMFIC"

I'm Henry, the guy behind this site. I've been Growth Hacking since 2002, yep, that long...

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