Invoice And Referral Hack

If you send out receipts or invoices to your customers on a regular basis then why not use that generic message to contain an incentive for them to refer you business whilst they also benefit from a cost reduction on their next payment.

Here is a real-life example and a practical way you can do it.
DigitalOcean is a hosting company that sends out millions of dollars of receivables every month.

They have a neat offer in which they offer to discount your next month’s bill by several percent if you refer a client to them and to make it easy they include a referral link ready to be used.

You don’t have to include the discount but it works better since it incentivizes the user to act.

I did this hack in New York when I was working for a (Hong Kong) food delivery startup but my twist on this hack was to personalize the referral URL with the name of the customer so when the recipient received it they’d be more inclined to trust it and click it.

The hack here is the mind-shift of including marketing within your monthly messaging.

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