How To Improve Crappy Facebook Leads For eCommerce

Has anyone else noticed recently that Facebook leads are getting worse and worse, or at least they are for me? In this post, I take a look at some options to improve your Facebook advertising LeadGen.

One of my clients in Hong Kong is in the eCommerce space and they tasked me with Facebook Ad Optimization and Lead Generation for several of their campaigns.

With regards to the LeadGen side of the project I’ve absolutely witnessed an increase in the amount of crappy leads.

The Likely Reasons Why Spam Leads Have Increased

These are example of what I mean by “spammy” leads:

Both of these emails are unlikely to be personal emails.

The main reason I believe that you are getting junk emails in your LeadGen efforts like the ones listed above is that spammers are “warming their emails” and getting them to receive actions and movement with regards to emails received and sent.

One of the signals email providers like Gmail and Yahoo use is, for example, how to gauge how “alive” your account it.

If you log into your Gmail account once a year then clearly that account is dormant and when that account is used to post reviews, create GMB postings, and anything like that – it will be likely that that account is being used for Blackhat purposes.

So, by joining newsletter, offers and suchlike then the email looks more vibrant and creates the allusion of activity.

So, How Do We Improve This?

Try to experiment with these ideas:

  • Get the leads to sign up away from Facebook
  • Try adding extra fields to complete

Most of my spammy leads have come from the onpage Facebook LeadGen form. When I moved the traffic to sign up on my own landing pages I did witness a decrease in the bad quality spammy emails being submitted.

If it worked for me it will likely also work for you.

Also, try adding an extra sign-up field like a phone number.

They say that for every field you add your drop-off rate increases but I’d argue that quality is always better than quantity.

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