Temporarily Hide Retargeting Cookies

If you’re involved with any form of paid lead generation or social media marketing (paid) then you’ll want to know about this pretty awesome hack

If you work in paid lead generation or social media marketing (paid), you should know about this great trick.

Stop retargeting visitors who left your site quickly.

Retargeting cookies can be hidden after 45 seconds to guarantee you only retarget people who are interested in your content.

Consider this…

In general, visitors that abandon your remarketing page aren’t interested in your offer.


So why waste money on them?

Concentrate on those who have expressed a stronger interest in your service.

This trick might save you thousands of dollars in the long run by copying Google’s own SEO criteria.

Google’s algorithm takes into account characteristics like “dwell time” (time spent on a page), “scroll depth” and other data. The point I’m trying to make is that these are proven measures that Google has uncovered via study and trial and error. So let’s utilize the same KPIs for advertising.

The “dwell time” indication indicates that people are interested in the website they are seeing.

Because of the aforementioned, we know that a person is serious if they stay on your sales page or squeeze page for more than 45 seconds.

That said, any skilled JavaScript programmer on UpWork or Fiverr can accomplish this for you.

Here’s a link to a GitHub page that references the above.

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