Hide Retargeting Cookies For 45 Seconds

Stop retargeting people who bounced immediately from your site.

Use a little bit of javascript to hide retargeting cookies for 45 seconds to ensure you’re only retargeting users who are interested in your content.

Think about it.

If someone hits your remarketing page and immediately leaves then likely they’re not that interested in your service. Agreed? So why bother spending money on them. Focus on people that have signaled greater interest in your service or product.

This hack might actually save you thousands of dollars in the long term because you’re really duplicating Googles’ own SEO criteria.

Google, amongst other criteria, bases its algorithm on dozens of signals such as “dwell time” (i.e. time on a page), “scroll depth” and a bunch of other variables. The key point I’m making here is that these are proven metrics that Google has discovered at the cost of countless millions of dollars of research and trial and error. So, let’s use the same metrics on our advertising spend. The “dwell time” signal is a clear positive intent from users as to whether they’re interested in the page they are viewing.

Owing to the above it is clear that if a user is sticking around on your sales page or squeeze page for longer than 45 seconds that they are serious – and that’s when we hit them with the retargeting pixel or cookie.

I don’t have a specific tool to share but any competent JavaScript programmer on UpWork or Fiverr will be able to do this for you. Or you can take a look at this code snippet here: www.gist.github.com/HaqHUB/7cb2a5c0ed654b23a0651e1426e78b39

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