Try Sending Handwritten Letters

Here’s the idea: send a handwritten letter or postcard to a new customer, regardless of what you sell or do, that is a simple “thank you”.

Of course, if you’re receiving hundreds of new clients every day, it’ll be difficult, but if it’s only one or two, I’d say go for it.

This personal touch, including the handwritten letter (perhaps included with your shipped physical product), will be respected, and it may easily be shared and promoted throughout your new customer’s network.

For the three minutes, it took you to write it and the cost of a stamp you’ve created a positive impression that may well be shared amongst the new customer’s network.

This mini growth hack isn’t new, but it’s worth bringing to your attention.

I used to work for a luxury bathroom company in London, and each product that was shipped to the client was accompanied by a handwritten letter that stated, “Your item was wrapped and dispatched by Emily.” This adds a human touch and strongly suggests that your products have been built with care.

Sure, I’m aware that not many companies and folks reading this post will have products that they make, but I’m introducing the mindset.

Give it a chance; I’m confident a tactic like this would succeed. After all, what’s the harm?

If scalability is an issue, such as if you have a large number of orders and can’t handle it yourself, you can print the message but customize the welcome and conclusion, so what you’d do is simply handwrite the “Dear” bit and sign off the ending.

If you appreciate this hack but prefer to handwrite each thank you message, you might establish a Trello Board, hire a freelancer on UpWork, and create a Trello Card every time a customer is produced (automatically using technology like Zapier or IFTTT). The VA or employee can move the Trello card to the “done” column once it is completed (written and uploaded).

Remember that all you need is for one or more of these handwritten notes to be published on your customer’s social media to offer you a plethora of benefits such as genuine authenticity and validation.

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