Handwritten Letter Saying Thanks

As ever, it’s the human touch and the details that often make all the difference.

It doesn’t matter what you sell or do when you acquire a new customer, send them a handwritten note, a postcard, i.e. something informal, relaxed, and personal.

Now of course, if you’re acquiring hundreds of new customers every day then it’s going to get very tricky and difficult, but if it’s only one or two then I’d suggest you do it.

The human touch, and the effort either including the handwritten message with or without your product, will be noted and for that 2 mins that it took you to write it, and for the cost of a stamp, it may well be shared and promoted amongst your new customer’s network.

There’s nothing new with this mini-growth hack, but we need to remind ourselves about it.

I used to work in a luxury bathroom shop in London, and I remember that each and every item that was shipped to customers had a handwritten note saying, “Your item was packed and shipped by Lucy”. This adds a human element and shows that there’s a sense of ownership and therefore responsibility and care in your products.

Give it a shot and I bet it does well. After, all, where’s the harm?

If scaling is an issue, i.e. you are getting a lot of orders and can’t do this yourself anymore, then you can print out the message but personalize the greeting and the ending. So, in other words, you just hand write the “Dear Henry ” and then the ending “Best wishes, Henry”.

You get the idea.

If you love this hack and would prefer that each thank you letter is written by hand then you could create a Trello Board, hire a freelancer on UpWork, and every time a customer is created you could (automatically using a tool like Zapier or IFTTT) create a Trello Card. When the Trello card has been completed (written and posted) then the VA or employee can then drag the card to the “completed” column.

Remember that all you need is for one or more of these handwritten notes to be published on your customer’s social media which will add a bunch of benefits such as genuine credibility and validation.

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