Hack To Find A Freelancer With Attention To Detail

This hack is insanely simple and I do it every time I am seeking to outsource any size of project.

I use Fiverr, Upwork, Freelancer, and Legiit to outsource projects or gigs, and I was getting particularly frustrated with applicants simply “copying and pasting” generic replies when applying to your job.

Conversing with someone who hasn’t properly read and understood your job requirement is frustrating because it can chew up a lot of time, and this hack can separate the freelancers that might spell trouble.


Because someone who hasn’t taken the time to properly read the job description will likely be a sloppy worker.

Here’s the hack.

When you write your job description, in the second or third paragraph, write something like this:

“When replying to this job please add the word “carrot” so that I know that you’ve read my entire job description and requirement”.

You’ll be amazed at how many people will not write your catch-word, therefore, implying that they have not read your job description properly.

If the person replying cannot be bothered to read your entire job description then it is likely that they will also take shortcuts in the work they will do for you.

I use Upwork and Legiit every day and I’ll often receive upwards of 30 replies to job offers.

I’ll instantly remove half of those for failing to prove that they have read the job offer in its entirety.

Doing the above will save you time with your job outsourcing and seeking appropriate and professional freelancers.

Time is money and it’s better to weed out the time-wasters from the get-go.

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