Weed Out Time Wasting Freelancers or VA’s

This technique is very easy, and I use it every time I need to outsource a job of any complexity.

I employ Fiverr, Upwork, Freelancer, and Legiit to outsource tasks or gigs, and I was becoming more annoyed with candidates simply “copying and pasting” boilerplate responses when applying for your job.

Conversing with someone who hasn’t fully read and comprehended your work need is infuriating since it may eat up a lot of time, and this technique can help you distinguish the freelancers who may cause problems.


Because someone who hasn’t studied the job description thoroughly is likely to be a sloppy worker.

Here’s how to do it.

In the second or third paragraph of your job description, put something like this:

“When responding to this job, please include the word “carrot” so that I know you read my whole job description and requirement.”

You’d be surprised at how many individuals don’t write your catchphrase, suggesting that they haven’t read your job description well.

If the individual responding can’t be bothered to read your whole job description, it’s probable that they’ll cut corners on the work they’ll accomplish for you.

Every day, I utilize Upwork and Legiit, and I frequently receive up to 30 responses to job postings.

I’ll immediately dismiss half of those who fail to demonstrate that they read the job posting in full.

Doing so will save you time when it comes to working outsourcing and finding qualified freelancers.

Time is money, and it is preferable to eliminate time wasters from the start.

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