Google Dorks For Lead Generation

You’ll love this growth hack and if you don’t know Google dorks, then you’ll totally get into this SEO hack and digital marketing strategy. There’s no stopping once started!

Throughout my work, I allude to Google dorks.

I’m a Certified Ethical Hacker and CompTIA Security+ Certified, and this is one of those growth hacks that combines both.

Indeed, there’s a bunch of hacker tools that also find vulnerabilities using Google Dorks and Google Hacking.

So, what’s the lead generation hack?

In order to obtain unauthorized access to data, a hacker must first do reconnaissance. In other words, the hacker will thoroughly study their target for flaws.

A hacker could investigate their target’s weaknesses, and they may have unwittingly or inadvertently posted sensitive material online.

In short, if we use Google to search for “sensitive” data, smart search criteria will do the hard job for us.

If you’ve never heard of a “Google Dork,” try this:

email filetype:xls
exported email addresses
inurl:email filetype:mdb

You’ll notice that the search results will pull up a bunch of random email lists on spreadsheets.

Now, of course, to spice up your search you should also include your niche-industry keywords.

Another Google dork I often use is searching for lists that someone else might have created.

Say I am working with a pet store client, I’ll just fire into Google a Dork like this: “influencer list makeup” OR “influencer list pet store in London filetype:xls” and sometimes you’ll pull up someone else’s work that may just help you out.

Try it and see!

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