Google “SEO” Soup

Say what?

Yeah, this is a term that I learned earlier this year from the folks over at Income School.

What Is The Term “Google Soup”?

It’s simple, and you’ve done it over a million times.

Here’s what it is: every time you do a Search, Google helps you by giving you the “auto-prompt”, or “auto-suggest”, and that – my friend – is the Google Soup.

The pretty cool thing about this mega-simple “growth” or “SEO hack” is that it’s Google actually helping you with the prompt. The prompts are actually real questions and propositions that are being asked by real people.

Google is guiding your intent and for a marketer or content creator, that is gold.

A neat addition to the Google Soup is creating content based up on the search suggestions that you see being offered.

Just to be clear, this is what I mean by a Google Search auto-prompt:

So, basically you just append (add) “a” (the letter), see what comes up, then “b”, then “c” and so on.

The Reason Why I Like It So Much

This technique gives you a real snapshot of what is going on with regards to opportunities to create content and of course, what is being asked by real people.

If you see a letter that generates an interesting question or statement of search, then that might trigger some excellent content creation ideas.

The other reason I like this technique is because that as far as I know Google does not reveal all of its’ real search data. I suspect that ultimately that is private and confidential. What is shares via AdWords is a representation.

The same goes for SEO Growth Tools that I also list in my blog, i.e. that the tools are basically “guessing” the keyword search volume and I’m sure that they actually do a very good job at that as well.

So, the reason I like this SEO technique or growth hack, is because it shows real genuine human intent and search for actual questions being asked, and if you create an answer that perfectly matches that intent then yes, you will rank for that.

Who Coined The Term: Google Soup?

The folks at Income School, Jim and Ricky, came up with this term, well at least that’s where I first heard of it.

I have a lot of respect for the duo at Income School (who actually I bought my WordPress theme from) because they do come out with a lot of useful and interesting content that does actually help.

Some of what they say I disagree with; for example, they tend to err on the side of not bothering to commit time to get backlinks when growing your site. I’d say that yes, absolutely you MUST commit time to get backlinks through a variety of techniques, some of which I will be exploring in 2024.

So, there you have it – go for it. A nice and simple snapshot and window into how Google thinks and what people are searching for.

If you mix this with other SEO tools and growth hacking processes you’ll certainly gain traction with your content marketing efforts.

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