Google Reviews Hack For Lead Generation

If you are struggling with your lead generation then this growth hack might help!

Google reviews (indeed, all reviews) are crucial since they help any offline or online presence succeed. Reviews, for the most part, boost a company’s credibility.

Here’s the trick: discover a company that is battling with bad ratings and market your services to them. All you have to do now is a screenshot or print the review and give it to your prospect along with an offer to increase their internet profile.

Starting conversations can be difficult, but I’ve observed that this growth hack does, in fact, elicit emotion from your prospect, which frequently results in a reaction.

I used this trick successfully with dentists in Hong Kong and was able to obtain a large number of leads from them. Some of their evaluations were poor, and the KPI I proposed was to enhance the reviews within three months, which I ensured I could achieve.

Why Does This Work So Well For Lead Generation?

This leadgen growth hack works well because you’re showing as clear as day to the business owner that their business has a negative review or image online. Clearly, if they care about wanting to fix this they will listen to what you have to say.

The other reason why I love this lead generation idea is that you can apply offline growth hacking methodology to it as well and print off the negative reviews and send them to your list of prospects.

Trust me on this hack – it does work.

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