Google My Business Citations!

Google My Business (GMB) is an excellent way to get more business.

In case you don’t know, GMB is the Google Map with a list of businesses (with reviews) that appear in the search results when you submit a query.

If you rank high then the chances are you’ll get more clicks resulting in more traffic and conversions.

So, how do we rank on GMB?

Firstly you need to create an account. It takes five minutes. But here comes the hack which is really more of a “fact” and a “method” to help you rank high on GMB. The hack is being able to get “citations”. Citations are what rank businesses on GMB; and to get those simply head over to Fiverr and search for “Google My Business Citations”.

Make sure you have your GMB account setup correctly and pay someone on Fiverr who has at least at 4.8 100+ review status and enjoy the benefits.

Henry "HMFIC"

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