Scrape GMB Listings And Export (Two Methods)

A lot of growth hackers and local SEO folk like to use GMB to get more business. For those that don’t know, “GMB” refers to Google My Business and you can get prime real estate on the Google SERP if you do them right.

Anyways – this hack is not about creating or optimizing your GMB – that can be for another day, instead, this is a growth hack that would be ideal for those marketers interested in scraping vendors within your niche so you can reach out to them.

I personally used this hack for another reason that I’d outline at the bottom of this post.

Let’s stay focused on this hack – which essentially is a lead generation hack.

Phantombuster Google Maps Search Export (GMB) Method 1

The beauty of using Phantombuster for this growth hack is that it is incredibly simple to automate it to allow for a bunch of URLs of businesses (maps) to be scrapped and collected in an easy to read .csv file

This growth hack focuses on Google Maps and the valuable data in its unique geolocation.

So for example, if you’d like to target certain businesses or niches then this is an ideal way to get their data and start your cold outreach.

Many of the company addresses contain emails so you’ll be able to use that for your email marketing efforts.

Other data that is contained in this GMB scrape includes:

  • Opening hours
  • Full postal address
  • Review rating
  • Whether they have claimed their GMB listing
  • and sometimes an email address
  • as well as phone numbers

Chrome add on Google Maps Search Export (GMB) Method 2

Very similar to the above, this Chrome extension seems to offer exactly the same thing.

Now, I have not used this addon so in full disclosure I can’t comment on it, but I can’t see why it wouldn’t work.

If you’re on a budget then go ahead and use the chrome addon, if you’re not and you like an efficient way of doing it then I’d advise using Phantombuster.

Lastly, remember there’s a massive opportunity in this hack, perhaps you’ve missed it so let me write it out.

Finding Unclaimed GMB Accounts

This is huge.

The Phantombuster script also validates whether the GMB is unclaimed.

For the blackhat SEO pro’s out there, this alone is golden if you know how to claim unverified and unclaimed GMB’s.

That fact alone makes this growth hack enormous.

Good luck with your endeavors.

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