Use GMass For Effective Cold Email Outreach

While utilizing a program to send emails from your Gmail account may appear suspicious to some, GMass is a legitimate and well-trusted system. Given GMass’s stringent data protection policies and the fact that Gmail has certified GMass, it’s safe to conclude that GMass is completely risk-free.

GMass, unlike other email marketing platforms like Mailchimp, does not have its own sending IP address. GMass users send emails from Gmail’s IP address.

Before settling on GMass, I performed extensive research on other systems that can handle Gmail bulk emailing, but none came near to what GMass could achieve. Not only is it a well-thought-out platform, but it is also backed up by well-documented blogs.

The founder’s writings are simple to comprehend and a gold mine for everyone involved in the cold emailing scene. Ajay understands what he’s talking about, and he’s done an excellent job creating GMass. GMass users may be confident that they are in good hands.

The method organizes my email considerably better than I could have envisioned using folders and labels. Above all, it is a smooth and user-friendly platform that can manage large loads if you intend on doing a lot of them. Once you start using it, you won’t want to use another platform.

It only works within Gmail and not outside of it. To utilize GMass, simply log in with your regular Gmail account. It integrates easily into the Gmail interface, adding only one button to the Compose window. Because you’re using the same Gmail Compose window as you do for all of your emails, learning is a snap.

Furthermore, using Gmail Compose to create your campaign is significantly preferable to the HTML editors provided by other platforms, because the Gmail Compose window allows you to attach files and insert pictures inline.

With all of this, you can begin your first campaign in a matter of seconds rather than minutes.

On a typical business day, GMass sends around 3 million emails, which is more than any other Gmail-integrated email outreach tool. Ten campaigns are launched per minute at peak hours.

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