Increase Your Client Closing Rates With This Tactic

If your email marketing tactics have resulted in a positive reply then your next challenge is getting them to agree to a call.

Speaking on the phone is by far the best way of closing a client when it comes to lead generation.

Invariably, there is a back-and-forth discussion to agree on the best time to speak and this can often be lost over time and the motivation and enthusiasm start to wane. Hit them whilst they’re hot and the best way to do that is immediately close them with a time to speak.

This growth hack is all about securing a meeting with a possible customer or client.

Calendly is a fantastic tool that I utilize.

It works by providing a basic daily schedule of available time slots for a call; all the receiver has to do is select the time slot and it will populate the time in your calendar of choice, such as Google Calendar.

Try it out, for example, by adding the link to your email signature, and you should see an increase in meeting confirmations.

Personally, I appreciate this feature a lot since it frequently eliminates the “back-and-forth” aspect of attempting to confirm a meeting time.

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