Get Straight To A Scheduled Meeting Appointment

If your cold outreach is successful with a potential lead then the next “challenge” is being able to confirm a meeting time either in person or over the phone.

Invariably, there’s the back-and-forth exchange deciding on a time to talk which can often delay the meeting.

Locking down your potential customer or client into a meeting is what this growth hack is all about.

I use this tool, Calendly (, and it works great. It works by having a simple daily schedule of time slots that you have available for a call, all the recipient needs to do is click the time-slot and it will populate the time in your calendar of choice such as Google Calendar.

Give it a try, add the link to your email signature for example, and you ought to see an uptick in meeting confirmations.

Personally, I like this tool a lot because it often removes the “back-and-forth” nature of trying to confirm a meeting time.

Henry "HMFIC"

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