Get LinkedIn Users To Link To You

This is an awesome growth hack that’s free and simple.

If you’re on LinkedIn then go ahead and install a Chrome extension called LinkClump and I guarantee you’ll see results straight away.

This hack is psychological and it trades on a feature that LinkedIn knows generates a reaction.

So, in case you don’t know, LinkedIn keeps a record of who has visited your profile. This free growth hack can make your LinkedIn profile one seriously HOT property by alerting dozens of people that you visited their profiles.

In many cases the alerted recipients are curious about you and they will visit your profile and in many cases connect with you.

Once you’ve installed the AddOn then fill in the search criteria of your ideal potential customers, clients, or just people you’d like to network with. Your search would be based upon these criteria:

  • Job title
  • Location
  • Keywords (any words or combination of words in their profile)

Once all the results (profiles) have loaded then use LinkClump to open all their profiles at the same time, therefore saving you time opening one at a time.

As far as the recipients are concerned you’ve taken the time to visit their profile and many of them will view your profile. Why?

Because they’re curious.

If your profile is written well and you’ve searched for the people who can most benefit from your products and services, you’ll grab their attention for all the right reasons.

The other benefit of this trick is that your profile will be shown to more LinkedIn users because the algorithm will notice that you are getting a lot of incoming requests.

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