Connect Features With Testimonials

In an increasingly digital world, social credibility may be the only thing that distinguishes you from your rivals.

This growth hack may appear apparent to seasoned growth hackers reading this, but it is so vital that it warrants its own five-minute growth hack.

Add testimonials to your landing pages if you haven’t already!

You will almost surely improve trust and, as a result, conversions.

What method do you use to obtain testimonials?


Include a link to your “Google My Business” review area in every email you send to your clients. For example, now that Gmail allows you to have numerous email signatures, you might establish a “testimonial request email signature” and use it while speaking with a satisfied client to elicit a good review.

This trick, on the other hand, truly relates to the use of testimonials. It’s all well and good to collect testimonials, but the true trick is to apply and relate them to specific services or features that you provide.

As an example:

[Your special feature] Automation can save you hours of effort.
[Testimonial put alongside the feature] “I saved so much time by using your service! I wish I’d known about it sooner!”

The preceding validates your goods or service in the prospect’s opinion.

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