Show Testimonials By Visitors Location (Increase Conversions)

Go and find an Upwork or Freelancer developer (programmer) that is able to create a tool or devise a way to display testimonials based on the visitor’s country of origin.

There is very likely a WordPress plugin for this task, but I haven’t actually seen one that is effective for this lead generation hack.

This growth hack is designed to associate a potential lead with a geographical testimonial.

If I give an example it might make more sense what I’m trying to explain!

So, for example, VPN providers do this with great success. 

Let’s assume you’re on a political website or a torrent or file-sharing website, you will often see something like this:

“We know that you live in [City Name] and use [ISP Provider], as does law enforcement.”

This statement definitely gives credence to the possibility that you may be traced without a VPN.

The point I am making here is that it is the association and familiarity or personalization that connects the visitor with the geographical region that adds a ton of credibility.

As a result, you may use the same technology to display messages and testimonials relevant to the geographical location from which your visitor is visiting.

To give this hack an added push, see if you can have Video Testimonials created in regional dialects, for example, a British accent for the UK, or a New York accent for visitors from an IP-Range associated with New York, and so on.

Fiverr used to permit you to buy fake video testimonials, and I am sure you can find something similar online with some creative searching, but your goal should be to obtain actual testimonials. 

If you’re stuck with getting testimonials I’d encourage you to approach existing clients and ask them for testimonials.

Showing slightly different content to each user is the nature of the game here, and will likely increase your conversion rates.

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