GeoTag Testimonials

Ask a developer on Upwork to create a system in which testimonials are shown based upon the country the visitor is from.

This neat hack hardly needs an explanation of how it works suffice to say that the key thing is that it is simple to set up and will add association from a prospective buyer that will help with the conversion.

VPN companies do this as with fantastic results.

Let’s say you’re on a political site or a torrent, file-sharing website you often see a scare message like this:

“We know that you’re in [City Name], using [Vendor Name] ISP Provider, and so does law enforcement”.

This message clearly adds validity to the fact that you can be tracked without a VPN.

So, you can use this same technology to show messages and testimonials pertaining to the geographical region your visitor if from.

For an extra boost to this hack try and see if you can get Video Testimonials made in regional accents, so for Australia you’d have an Ozzie accent and for the UK a British accent et al.

Fiverr used to allow recorded (fake) video testimonials and I am sure with some creative searching online you’ll find an equivalent, but of course, your intention should be to procure real testimonials. So perhaps start with the fake then switch out with the real as soon as you can.

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